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Yes I have heard of these guys. I know them to treat people well and have a good graduate programme. They are one of the few firms that don't throw mud on the wall and see what sticks !


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We do not presently undetake client business, but we appreciate your


Subject: RE: Saxon Financials Trainee Trader application


Many thanks for your quick reply. I am in a position to put up some money,
would if make a difference if I could help fund the account?


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From: Mike Ward [mailto:[email protected]]

Subject: Saxon Financials Trainee Trader application

Thank you for your application for a trainee trader position with Saxon
Financials in London. At the moment we have no suitable vacancies, but we
will retain your CV on file for future reference and contact you if
appropriate. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your
interest in Saxon Financials and wish you every success in the future.
Yours sincerely, Mike

Mike Ward
Fixed Income Analyst
Saxon Financials Ltd
15 - 25 Artillery Lane
London, E1 7LP
Tel +44 (0) 20 7247 9000
Fax +44 (0) 20 7247 9060


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Thirteen said:
fair on who? his email, his career, his choice

It's just not right. He got rejected...he should take it like a man and not cry about it; posting the emails on here....very childish in my opinion....


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I have an offer from Saxon-Madrid, and have some questions:

-Is it usual to have a self-employed contract with 40% split of profits?

-What info is supposed to be in the 'Fee Schedule'



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40%???? think it's 50/50 in London

Fee Schedule will PROBABLY contain something like the following:

Level 1 - X amount in account => 50% split of profit

Level 2 - Y>X amount in account => 60% split of profit

Level 3 - Z>Y amount in account => 70% split of profit

etc etc probably with an increasing or decreasing desk fee structure

best of luck over there, scalp that market clean......


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I think deals vary from 20% to 70% depending on whether you are putting your own money down or taking a salary. 40% seems fair enough. Best of Luck.


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Thanks to both.

I also have another question:

-this 40/60 is after the deduction of Desk fees and trading costs...
as usual?

So you think is a good op?

I'm an IT prof, and have other offers in IT about 25k / year


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If they've offered you something, I'd take it, I wouldn't think twice - much more exciting than IT and much more lucrative if you're committed to trading.


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If you are scalping the market you are only gonna get a few ticks. If you are only starting on a few contracts it's gonna be very hard to break even each month with the desk fees. I say do this job if you have traded before and know you can make money. Or if you have a bit of cash already and have some money to fall back on....that is just my personal opinion..

Best of luck


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Do I have this right....

You put up YOUR own money, you pay THEM for the desk, then THEY take a cut of YOUR profit?

I hope I have misunderstood this.
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