SAVIUS a new prop firm looking for traders and...your comments


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Dear All,
I am a former derivatives broker who trades professionally since 2007.
I am an enthusiast member of this forum since 2010 with the username Truccio77.

After reading a lot on this forum about Prop Firms , about two years ago I decided there was space on the market for a new one, a better one I hope, shaped by the voices heard on this and other forums.

I managed to find two partners, both with large experience in the broking and trading industry, who shared the same idea and we set up Savius (I am not putting the hyperlink to our website here as I don’t think that is allowed)
I have been reading this forum long enough to know what you are thinking: I would think the same, still I’m here ready to accept some genuine comments from the forum users. So hit me with your best shot!

Let’s start with what we do and why we do it.

What are we buying : we are “buying” traders’ potential. Why?
a) we think we can exploit it better than others and generate profit
b) we can leverage up our capital, diversify risk and boost the performance
c) we pursue an entrepreneurial approach to trading
What are we selling?: education, peak performance support (including risk management) and a few selected trading tools.
Why ? Because we genuinely think we can help traders.
And before you even get there.. 2 out of the 3 partners in this company trade for living, we don’t sell education for living.
Here are the first objections I want to remove before you guys start shooting them at me.
Why not simply hiring traders if you want to set up a Propfirm?
I tried to hire a few traders after a selection of almost 400 candidates…all with solid background and apparently profitable past performances. Unluckily that didn’t work for us and we have lost the allocated capital plus the paid salaries; that is why we switched to a more selective and conservative approach.
Are you going to give me the “ become a millionaire trader” bit?
All I am saying is that I am offering an opportunity, how good that would be, depends on you . We are not here to sell you an illusion: you will probably need a fix salary to be living only out of your trading. So your goal should be to perform so well to “force us” to hire you. We can’t estimate how long it would take you to get there.
Meanwhile if you manage to get some extra money at the end of each month without putting at risk a penny of you capital it can’t hurt you.
The parameters of the selection are too hard for it to be passed!
They are surely difficult, but not impossible. We tried to respect our risk culture as well as the thoughts of the users that we found on the forums. We also tried to pass the selection ourselves a few times and managed to do it quite easily. You can compare them with those offered by our competitors and judge yourself.
We don’t do options, nor forex, only futures. Only intraday, for the time being, but this may change during the course of the year.
Furthermore : If you have a proven real money track record of at least three months you don’t need pay to pass a selection .
“I am better off trading with my money then!” you could argue…
That is always an available option but we believe that becoming profitable using our company’ capital will be quicker and less painful than do it on your own. You can still go and trade on your own if/when you reach a certain confidence level, but till then we are your best option. We dare to say this on the basis of our professional experience and I don’t want to mention again the terrific industry standards as everybody knows them.
We provide the capital and the tools…
Even if you are already profitable on your own chances are with our money and support you will do exponentially better.
We strongly believe that among the losing traders there is a huge potential hiding…we are betting our money on that!
I also want to add, and again I talk for direct experience here, that you will get bored after 6 months trading at home in your pijamas, even if you are making money. Try to picture yourself in that situation for 5 -10 years, can you do it? With us you will be part of trading company, it’s only a start up for now, but who knows…
Are we there to make money on your commission?
No, at the moment we don’t get any rebates. You will be charged exactly what we pay. One day maybe we’ll have more volume and things will change but we have no intention to overcharge the traders with outrageous commissions.
An additional note:
Just to be clear: we won’t provide a freshly promoted live trader with 150,000 USD in cash only because he/she passed a 10 days test on a simulator. Some companies may use this idea as an attractive slogan, but we strongly doubt that is how things really go when we get to real trading.
We could advertise that we provide traders with an equivalent cash account of 150K, just to try and entice people to join us but we don’t want to lie about this point: you will be starting with the equivalent of a 15-20k USD account: in our opinion more than sufficient to evaluate a performance and get you started.
Still we can promise that we will really leverage up those traders who can perform steadily.
I am not going to talk about the courses or the tools we offer. There are endless sections on this forum about educators and tools in general, I would only discuss them in case someone has specific questions.
Still I strongly believe that the peak performance/risk management support we provide is very useful to all type of traders. Everyone needs a coach, even the best!
We have just started so you won’t find people giving you a feedback on us, except those who were hired by Savius as traders about a year ago which are more than welcome to express their opinion in case they are reading this.
Awaiting to be slaughtered… I wish you all a very nice day 


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Reading your post was a treat. I wish you all the best with your search.

you have covered everything and pointed out all the reasons why most prop deals are really no deals at all. your post sounds genuine and looks like you guys have done your homework and know what you are doing.

In any case i am in india so hoping there is a chance to do something remote. have broadband.

is there a email where i can send in some more details about myself. i have set up stuff so get a fixed income sort of like a pension from my bank. So i am only looking at the long run here. dont need any salary. but not looking for prop firms that ask for a bunch of money upfront disguised as training fees. right now i am trading forex with fxopen and fxpro

my trading is based on 3 simple rules. keep losses as small as possible. always add to winners. when riding a trend squeeze the maximum juice out of it.
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Hello nilaynilay,
many thanks for your comments and your kind words.

Just to be clear: with us coaching is 100% OPTIONAL
We recommend it because we have solid training and tools ( and also because we don't know who is accessing the website) but it is NOT MANDATORY
The challenge is $198 but if you go live we will refund other fees or risk, everything is exactly as described on the website.

You can PM here or ( better) register on the website and use that mail to get in touch.
At the moment we dont like too much the idea of trading forex for various reasons, so we trade only futures ( forex futures are allowed) . You can check the list of tradable products in the Savius Trading Challenge rules section on the website).
I remain at disposal if you or anyone else have any other doubt , or comment or critisism


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I hope this does not break any of the forum rules.

Website is
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interesting post! One of the things I noticed on your website was the idea of pulling profits out as you trade. It seems you are more interested in someone becoming a real trader than a flash-in-a-pan trader? At some of the competing firms, the 2nd level and higher become almost impossible. It just seems like your firm keeps things more realistic?


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Thank you Doug.
We reckon the first step for those who trade live for us would be to have a test of their own success. Bring some money home and reward yourself with something tangible. We are strong believer in building momentum and confidence.
We need our traders to go live but more importantly to STAY LIVE. We want to take them to the next level at the right time. Otherwise we’ll be constantly deploying resources for selection and coaching of traders without actually managing to grow our team.
As for the Savius Trading Challenge, we tried to create parameters and rules that are not too strict but at the same time make them reasonable in terms of capital and risk allowed.


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gosh and the person that thinks your idea is wonderful just posted for the first time and is also based in the good ole us of a lol
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Hey jeffre4,
I am based in Europe just like yourself (Montecarlo to be exact) and I have been a member for 3 years and never posted myself either, so your insinuation makes no sense.

So apart sarcasm , which can be sometimes appreciable, any other comment?


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think u got yourself legged up you joined nov 2014 and your mate joined 3 years ago easy mistake to make i guess


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you are probably a bit tired and confused and you missed the first 3 lines of the original thread
I report them here..
Dear All,
I am a former derivatives broker who trades professionally since 2007.
I am an enthusiast member of this forum since 2010 with the username Truccio77. "

I am a member of this forum since 2010 and as you can see I didn't need to use that other user name to make nice comments on my posts..
Allow me some bona fide pls.
Again if sarcasm is over... any intelligent comment?


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Montecarlo eh? In "Europe" we call it Monte Carlo - but never mind.

Any chance you could post us a picture of your porsche parked up in Montecarlo?

Once I see that I'll be signing up - appears to be a fantastic offer - can't wait to get my Montecarlo property as well!


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the thread was not about what I drive and where I live, but you can pm me if you wish, disclose your identity and pay me a visit. Hey , you could land directly in Nice with your private jet and take the helicopter to Fontvielle!

I was ready to face strong criticism regarding the programs themselves , or the rules of the challenge, or the business model, etc. but this is just a waste of time
Probably this industry has taught us all that is always better to be suspicious, and when is too good to be true well.. it probably isnt.
That s fair enough.
In our case I dont think we are proposing a fantastic offer, only an opportunity, which is not for everyone.
I believe I was frank since the beginning , but you can go on and think that I am actually sitting in the US and I m writing here to steal you a few hundreds buck with false identities and fake posts.

The conversation is becoming boring for those who actually are on this forum to get some useful information.


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I've had this account for awhile. Honestly I don't pop in here real often but enough to read through various discussions. Prop trading has my interest. I am currently trading stocks for a prop firm in Chicago. Over the past several years I have traded forex, futures, options and stocks. Until I get to the finish line I am still looking for the best possible avenue to do this thing. BTW, I don't post a lot...never have and never will.


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hi savius

whats your/partners experience in running a business?
more specifically,whats your/partners experience in operating a prop firm?

from whats been posted, it appears minimal, i have more q's:
1. whats your edge over the plethora of well established prop firms?
2. what risk management do you have in place to ensure safety of capital?
3. say if you only have 2 schooled traders A & B: trader_newbie_A builds his trading account up to $50k, and trader_newbie_B, a conservative trader scalping with size, gets caught on a random announcement & goes -$100k - who takes the loss?
4. who do you clear with?
5. what platforms will you provide? chart apps? news?
6. for a newly profitable trader, what will be the estimated average monthly sit down cost of having to trade in your offices be?

g/l with the business.

thks in advance,
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