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Well it's sad, but to be realistic, it must be hard to see a shape as small as a motor bike approaching at that speed to be fare to the drive, it was a busy road, if that accident hadn't happened the biker was heading for an accident sooner or later with that road attitude.


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Yes, cyclists, too. They are on pavements, up one way streets. Motorbikes park on pavements and. when one parks there, so does another until there is a whole line of them and, worse, they ride along the pavement until they get to where they want to park.

Sometimes, in the early hours, one can see a whole line of them toppled over like dominoes by some annoyed pedestrian.

When I was young I rode on the back of my friends 350 cc. Small beer, these days. Today they are much more powerful than that and it is natural for youngsters to want to try them out on the motorway.

My daughter wanted a scooter but when rwo friends got killed on theirs by a van coming out of a side street, she has never wanted one since. She waited until she was old enough for a car.


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It appears that from what is reported above (ok – I know it's the Daily Mail) the motorist has received the blame. But this biker was doing 97 mph approaching a junction on an ordinary bi-directional road. Am I the only person that thinks that bikers in general need to take a more responsible attitude to their driving? i.e. "think car"

Agree and biker should carry 99% blame for cause of accident if not 100%. Surprised driver has accepted blame.

Basically the combined speed - assuming turning car doing approx 23mph + 97 mph = 120 mph.

I recall driving on the German autobahn's while back and experienced a very dangerous incident with some crazy nut coming up the rear. However, the relative speed there would have been (guessing here) 130-140 - 80mph = 50-60 mph

Still didn't see anything having checked rear mirror. Thought he was going to pile into the back of me and certainly came very close - **** me up big time :!:

To spot a bike on that kind of road with several moving vehicles coming at you at 127 mph is a big ask. One has to judge distance and consider expectations if it is a regular route one takes. If one is not expecting those speeds and see a bike at 200m away one would think yes plenty of road space for me to take that turn.

To be able to judge speed at those distances in split seconds is a big ask. I'm surprised driver has accepted blame as the road driving rules simply do not apply in this case in my "informed" opinion.

My sympathies to the mother and thank her for releasing the shocking sobering video.

Agree with the father. The power of the bike was well and truly beyond the skill and temperament of the rider. Doing something like that when they knew he had a speed problem was not wise.
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Sorry to say, as a chopper rider, this has happened to me, albeit at a slower speed. I, though, swerved and laid the bike down. And I wasn't going crazy fast. I feel bad for the guy and his family, but yeah, follow the laws, they are there to save your life.
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