Rumor has it that MISYS will be announcing a very positive outlook on Thursday

Car Key Boi

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i'm already long at 261

gonna add to that position on monday - take some of the 281 with a target set at 305 ish

Ca-Ching! :D
Yes so is GILD, RFMD, INTC, AMAT, ERICY, BRCM, ARTG, LOUD, ENMD, PUMA, ARIA, ZGEN, DNDN, CHTR in fact there is a good chance that many stocks will rise by more than 3% as the market is very Bullish at the moment.

I hate to say I told you so... but....

Just as a matter of interest. did anyone act on the above post? I know it was well intentioned, and I am really NOT having a go at car key boi, but my follow up post was trying to highlight how dangerous these can be.. so if anyone did buy some Misys, can they post it here, along with there plans for their position?

ahh, i should have updated this thread. I dumped everything yesterday after hearing that Investic Securities and Altium Capital were cutting their ratings and basically telling their clients to sell

i know. I still oughta punch myself in the b*lls


- Car Key Boi :eek: