rule of when

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why does the rule of wen work ?
because you are a jackass trying to trade against algorithms being executed by robots

a jackass is a retail discretionary trader who thinks he/she can trade better then the best minds and computers systems in the world

don't be a jackass.... trade with at least 100k in your account and be ok with losing 100k

say, youre looking pretty good about you put up the contracts printed at the time you open and close those trades and show us an equity curve, then, maybe, you'll get the viewers involved......even if this is a sim thing you'll still get the kudos....


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anyone posting about trading on an internet forum is a complete tool
why would you want to get kudos or viewers ? answer is you wouldn't.
if you have been around at all, you would know that no one on forums actually trades..... much less trades profitably.

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trade is yourself. if it works for you, good. if not, good.

youre trying to make a point, otherwise wot is the motive for posting these set-ups/trades ....wot i was inviting you to do was to simply show the whole journey of entries/exits and the effect on your equity curve......that's all


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today wednesday is a good example of how difficult this method is
24.5 -10 is 14.5
3 point stop is 11.5
with a 10.75 low you get stopped out with a 3 point stop
15.75 is 5 from the low
while 19.5 is 5 from the entry

the most important thing is to take profit on every trade
so if you take profit at 5 from the low, on a 14.5 entry assuming that you used a wide stop....
you only have a 1.25 first profit target... that is no good

another option is to move your stop up and wait for 19.5 for your target
considering the fact that 19.5 is 9.25 points from the low
... your first target then would be only a point away from the next short entry at 20.75
this means that you would practically be all out at the first target due to it being a short entry

as with all systems, you have to find the sweet spot ... the balance between a tighter stop or larger targets
if you use a tighter stop, you will get stopped more, and on many trades, you will have a losing trade rather than a winner

don't use a 3 point stop, but recommend using one if you have never traded this system before
have not automated this system but believe it can be automated.

there you go.... very simple system but very hard to manage and maybe very hard to automate as well


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