RT Data for TS Prosuite


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Can anybody help?

Having acquired TS Prosuite, I'm just coming up to speed with populating and developing the database through Globalserver. I don't yet subscribe for RT data but I'm likely to go with IB. But before that I need to experiment with RT files but as yet I'm unable to import any of the RT ASCII files I have despite following the correct file formats. So to the question. Could some kindly person provide a reasonably substantial RT (tick or 1min) file in Globalserver format or ASCII format that could be imported.

Grateful for any response.


I dont think you are able to import ascii tick charts into Globalserver. I had this problem and questionned it on the Tradestation site and that was the answer I got and the only format that can be imported in tick or intra-day is *.omz etc. What markets are you looking to import ?

Also to use TS with IB you need an additional application called Metaserver RT from www.traders-soft.com unless you already knew this ?


Really appreciate response. Picked that one up about Metaserver RT but thanks.

Looking at the usual data to import nothing special, Index futures or US or UK stocks or Forex RT file(s) that can be imported into Globalserver. I must admit I was beginning to reach the same conclusion re:- tick chart imports, didn't pick it up on the TS forum though and the documentation dosn't mention any issues with tick data. In fact even the tick data format is documented. But I thought that the request might reveal some answers if I got an appropriate RT file. There is a source of data on CD from www.is99.com but this costs and I was looking for a cheaper alternative just to allow me to play around with the Glabalserver DB and RT files.



I also use is99.com and you can buy individual markets at much less cost which is what I have done in the past.

I assume you know you can download from Historybank all US stocks and Index futures FOC ? about 3 months data at a time as far back as you like. You dont get UK stocks but if you just want it for playing around with then this is your best option.


If Historybank uses DialData then you can download 10 years data in one go using a continuous contract.

The symbol to use is in the format ss1600 where ss is the symbol. A space is required for Corn (c) etc.

therefor for 10 years worth of corn futures the code would be c 1600

The last two digits can be modified to change the rollover date. 00 means rollover when the contracts expire 30 would mean rollowver 30 days before expiry.