RSS Feeds - Know any good ones?


If anyone knows of any good rss feeds related to trading, these could be intraday, daily or weekly analysis/news/market-roundup etc. Then please post a link to it here or send me a pm. In the new year we'll be trialling using bots to post RSS feeds in the forum - so we just need some good sources to use.

Thanks! :D
Do you anticipate manipulating the contents of the feed once its received? I ask because some feeds (an increasing number probably) include adverts and other things added on at the end.
Thanks Zambuck. Rhody: we wouldn't be able to change the feed, so we'll have to choose carefully!
Forex News Hub / Published News
just put this little site together..hopefully it will develop and you can get lots of news feeds, article and trading related blogs post all in one place... with the bonus of having folks vote on them so the best ones will surface.
RSS is available for different categories as well .. will make it easier for someone to read only what they are interested in
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