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I am looking for one/several quality news feed sources, i wonder if anyone can help in guiding me in the right direction?
I am a beginner, spread betting FX, equities and commodities. Whilst I concentrate mostly on technical analysis, I would like to keep an eye on the important fundamentals that can affect my trading decisions.
I dont mind paid services.
I use Gft and they have an rss feed, but a web based news feed is fine for me.
many thanks (y)


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Hi Lukas,

I have the same issue myself. I tend to use Forex Factory, which labels the stories in terms of market moving importance, or FX Street, which has a good filter and sound notifications.

However, my issue is that these - although pretty good for free services - are several minutes behind the breaking event, by which time the pair could have moved 20/30 pips - enough to hit tight stops. Even paid for services, such as Trade the News (another excellent service, by the way) seem to get you in slightly behind the event.

Despite this, all good starting points.



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forex factory is ok, they use CFD´s from very weird Cyprus company. For forex there are many companies like NetDania or something like that.


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based on my observations, here's how I firmly believe goes with news.

1) Event occurs somewhere in the world....
2) Journalist picks up on it, and puts out a headline. 90% of the time via Bloomberg, Reuters, or Dow Jones news wires.
3) A mix of algos and traders with access to bloomberg + reuters terminal + dow jones wire, place a quick trade. Market starts to spike.
4) Squawk boxes pick up on it. Ransquawk, ITC brokertalk, tradethenews audio etc etc. --- more traders jump on board. If it wasn't massive news, the free money probably was already made by the guys in #3. If it was fairly/highly important news, and you are quick, you might be able to make some free money yourself from the squawk.
5) news aggregating services, rss feeds, forex factory, forex street etc, pick up on it. If you are trading from here, the only chance (imo) you have of not getting totally screwed, is the news was MASSIVE and the market is determined to keep moving in one direction for the next hour.
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