Rollover of ESTX50 & DAX


When are these contracts going to rollover to March 04. I see the volume for March 04 has picked up, but still a lot of volume in the December contract. The reason I ask is that my broker is not allowing me to trade the dec. from the last week or so. Could not find the exact date at the Eurex site.
I believe its noon on Friday..

Traders will stay with the old contract virtually to the last day. I'll start with the new contract from Friday open
Eurostox expires 11am Uk time on friday. Dax at 12 noon UK time.

Hmm, strange that your broker is not allowing you to trade them - since they are cash settled.

They often stop you trading gilts/bunds etc because they can be physical settled - ie you can get delivered on in the last few days and you have to come up with the actual cash or bonds....