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Can you recommend a good trading education site for futures trading? or Someone with proven strategies? Thanks.



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Can you recommend a good trading education site for futures trading? or Someone with proven strategies? Thanks.


Depends what you want to learn? In my opinion if you want to trade on TA and learn about MACD, Stochastics, RSI, etc. No I haven't found one! Here's my opinion about TA and why so many educators use it:
99% B.S.:cheesy:
I'm gonna tell you why the usage of technical indicators is total b.s. in 99% of all the cases! Besides that I will also tell you why, in spite of the fact that the information is useless it's still used quite often. I'm not gonna go into too much detail, because I expect you are all more or less familiair with the basics of technical indicators.

A RANDOM CHART :rolleyes:
Let's take a look at the technical indicators a random sales organization... Uhm, I mean an organization that tries to teach us day trading against payment uses: RSI, MACD and Bollinger Bands. Attached you'll find a screendump of two charts. Both are of the €/$ futures market, both have the same time frame (starting at vertical blue line @ 13.15hrs Amsterdam time friday Jan. 14th)

I used different settings on the charts in the attachment: One trader, John (left side) is looking at a 15min. bar chart. The other trader, Marie (right side) is looking at an 8 tick break out chart. Have a look at the attachment and spot the 437 differences... While John seems to be in a pretty flat market, Marie sees some nice swings. Who has the correct chart? There is no correct chart! The indicators tell you jack sh*t! And these are only two different charts. I'm not even talking about Diego who uses a 1min bar chart, Ashley who uses a 16 tick break out chart, Mark who uses a 5 min. bar chart, Martin who uses a point & figure chart and MACD that can be set in different time frames, just like RSI, Bollinger Bands, etc., etc.

Besides all that... Technical indicators tell you something about price development in the PAST!! What good is that? "Damn... If I had known that the market had gone up 3 minutes ago I would have entered long". Or maybe more clear:"If I had know that today's winning lotery ticketnumber was 1245 I would have bought that one yesterday"! Yeah, duuh!!

I respect everybody's opinion on this subject. I just think that at least some of you might find this interesting. I have experienced that mainly CURRENT volume and CURRENT price action are of major importance.

It's because of the sales organizations I mentioned earlier! 99,9% Of them will teach a strategy with the help of technical indicators. And yes, if you are unfamilair with stochastics, RSI, MACD, etc. it's probably nice to learn more than the basics and tell your friends about it over a beer. Believe me, I've been there and I like beer a lot:drunk:! But as I showed you by just two simple charts, everybody sees something different! You will not make any money based on technical indicators. And even if the salesmen in their "Live Trading Support Rooms" are realy trading their own money and not just drawing lines in charts and giving opinions, chances are they have never made any real money. Not consistently! That's why they took up selling $500 courses, $4.000 personal coaching programs, etc :sneaky:...

15% Of all day traders makes money (y)
It is known that only about 15% of all day traders makes money (not saying they make a living).
It's also known that 99% of "powerful day trading strategies" sales organizations sell/teach stuff based on TA. (google search day trading strategy, futures trading, day trading course, etc)

The other 85% goes broke on :(...
Need I say more? If the TA stuff that those sales organizations sell/teach works there would have been a lot more winning traders than that 15%. Not saying 75 or 90% because the mental part is of great influence.
15% Makes a profit the other 85% just goes broke on:
paying hundreds of dollars per year for subscriptions to "live" trading support rooms
paying hundreds of dollars for severel day trading courses
paying thousands of dollars for personal coaching programs
losses because of losing strategies based on TA.

If you want to know about CURRENT volume and price action here is what I found interesting: My email address is in the rockwell trading scam video (on youtube). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Shaka :cool:!



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Thanks for your insight Stirf. I will certainly checkout that site.



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Golden rule when you are starting trading:


All the basics are available for free online or from just speaking to people in the industry. Its only when you have a full grasp of the basics and want to learn something new that you may need to spend some money. But that will only be a few quid on some good trading books.

Never ever pay for any crappy courses.

I have another idea. PAY FOR YOUR EDUCATION. You only GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I am now well on the way to trading professionally, and I only got traction when I started paying for the best stuff I could find, inc Rockwell.


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I have another idea. PAY FOR YOUR EDUCATION. You only GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I am now well on the way to trading professionally, and I only got traction when I started paying for the best stuff I could find, inc Rockwell.

It's a shame to see that Rockwell Trading succeeds in making new victims occasionally. But thanks to our combined efforts they will run out of business sooner or later:clap:.

Don't you worry Roger I too was a newbie once!
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Good for you Roger 39, my guess is you are in one of the "crap peddling camps". One thing I am sure of, is that if you are following the advice of people like RWT, you are a long long way from becoming a "professional trader". If you were even half way to becoming a professional trader you wouldn't be sniffing around the "crap peddling" sites anyway. Pento has it completely right NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING.


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Are you sure you don't mean Roswell trading ?

If this guy sold you something then you'd better listen



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You gotta be kidding me! that shopperapproved website is members only and RWT could have taken out a whole truckload of "members." I think the give-away is the fact that it is full of 5 star ratings but you have to be a member to provide that rating. Nobody in the real world pays to write up a rating on a product they have purchased!! You are really naive to think the readers are that naive.
For goodness sake, not even God gets 5 stars from everyone. You should have read the advice given on that same website ...........

"#1 - Shoppers Expect Variance
When customers are looking to buy something, they actually expect to see some variance in the ratings. If all the ratings are perfect, then they become suspicious, and question the legitimacy of the ratings.
In reality, the occasional negative review adds value by establishing authenticity with the buyer. It also helps new customers affirm that other customers have examined and resolved any concerns before making a decision."
This "Ratings" website is so phoney, I can smell the Bull sh1te from here.

So, if you have a PR manager there at RWT, he aint doing his job that well. However, given the true results of the "Live" Trading room that is no surprise at all as the PR is as bad as the results therein.

Face up to it, you probably had a good run in the past but the game has now changed and your systems, amongst hundreds of others, just don't do it anymore. They fail far too often to make an overall profit. And well you know it.

Day Trading has been overwhelmed by the big boys and their expensive, automated trading software.
Unless you are able to manipulate the electronic trading market with huge plays, you are just another dumbass sucker. I know, I've been there, lost to them and dropped Day Trading like a white hot rock. Therefore, it is wicked and devious of you to now to lure in more dumbass suckers with flashy Videos and phoney presentations and I am with Stirf because you are refusing to speak the truth.
Even about those fraudulent "LIve" Trades.
So,just why doesn't the Expert Trader actually place any "LIVE" Orders in YOUR LIVE TRADING ROOM?

Is it because he knows the RWT Strategies don't work? That certainly is the conclusion that I make.

I don't have any problem daytrding. In fact I prefer it, because it limits my risk exposure due to me just not being in the markets while I sleep at night.


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I've recently updated my website on the Rockwell Trading Scam. It also includes the email from an infinity employee who admits that the rockwell trading strategies don't work. Otherwise he would be trading with them. have a look , there is also general info on day trading to be found.



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I am looking for a comprehensive DVD course in Day Trading and I have come across Rockwell Trading.

Does any have any experience of the Home Study Course?

There was a similar post to this (on this forum) back in 2007 but nothing more recently.

The course seems to be genuine and the few reviews I have found seem to be positive - it is not the usual hard sell guff.

Many thanks in advance.

The sorry truth of the matter is that anyone who has to resort to selling training courses for a living has failed in their own attempts to make money in the way they then prescribe and try to sell.
For example, if you were actually making such a load of cash from your day trading, would you bother to sit down, write a book, script a course then pay for DVD's and marketing? Surely, if you were doing so good you would not have the hours to dedicate to this? Let alone commit to such a loss of earnings while spending your valuable time compiling it all. The same principle applies to ALL money making training courses. None of the 'mentors' are doing it for YOUR benefit (unless it's for free) and when those same persons start to promote the products of others, you know, for sure, that their course definitely is not worth the paper or the plastic DVD it's written on. Caveat emptor. Especially in this business.:!:
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