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Long term price direction of RIM/RIMM

  • Down, then UP UP UP

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Up, and then into the dirt

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Just gonna keep on cruising up!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Down, no ifs ands or buts.

    Votes: 3 42.9%

  • Total voters


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Just a poll. I'm presently short on them... think they're going to plummet shortly after their new handheld release, then sell off a bunch of licensing and skyrocket again. Definitely watching it closely though.

Poll relates to long term views, say, 1 year from now.


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It's going to have a nice pop this morning. It's in an uptrend or at least a very healthy pull back at the moment so I wouldn't be shorting it. Who knows about long term though. It's been beaten into the ground from it all time highs



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I wanna be the other side of your trade. But this option is not on poll.
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heheh, I just closed my puts (okay, not a short, but same thing) this morning at a healthy profit. Bought them at yesterday's high.

BeginnerJoe, were you referring to the option of buying the shares I shorted, or were you actually meaning that one of the possibilities (I guess it could be flat... but not likely) wasn't in the poll?


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FWIW, my technicals show that RIMM has room to get to 18.75 before getting overbought on this move. It's easier to see on the weekly chart that I've attached but the levels are the same on the daily. I think this should be a strong level since price has been interacting well with the Gann box (they don't always). I say this because of the way price had to pivot around the midpoint 4/8 level at $12.50 so the harmonic 8/8 $18.75 level should be strong.



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