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Please could someone recommend a live real-time charting service that is reliable and has decent technical indicators.

I've been daytrading EUR / USD using - it's just not reliable enough - the view changes when it wants to and the indicators freeze now and then. You get you pay for I suppose - ie - it's free!

I would be grateful of people's recommendations.

Many Thanks.
Hi Damienoakley.
Have not looked at before, probably will not now either.
Refcofx or fxcm use the same charts, I am currently using Refco.
Give them a go. Charts are free. They might use the same ones as you are used to. Have not had any problem with charts changing themselves, but have on occasion frozen. But I have also paid £1200 per year for the same privilege before now. So the odd freeze now and again I can put up with.

Let us know if you find anything else.

They also do 'paid for' charts but in my view is not worth paying for.
Thanks for that.

On do I have to open an account to gain access to the free charting? If not, where do I go?

Many Thanks
No, on both sites I think you can open the charts from there. There are 4 chart sites to choose from. Once the addy is in your browser you can just bring it up anytime you want. (Or you could)You can also open a demo account with either.
Hi Options

Thanks for your reply on a similar thread (web based forex charts).

I have had a look at fxcm and refco and they are all exactly the same charts- in faxt the fxcm charts link takes you to

At first glance these charts seem good but the free options don't offer the time periods/ indicators that I want to use.

It seems if I pay $40 pm (about £26) then I can get a multitude of extra indicators/ timeframes etc.

I think I will try the 7 day trial version of this to test it out.

Are you generally happy with the charting facilities above?


PS. does anyone else know of any similar offerings?
Yes Darrenf,
Considering the cost, (nil) more than happy. Some paid for charts don't match these. Compare these to the offerings that you get from the sb's and you can see the quality. Medved beats a lot of very expensive charting packages.
Time frames and indicators are a personal choice.
I try not to get bogged down too much with these.
But 1,5,15,30, hour, daily, monthly,weekly is enough for me.
It shouldn't make a great deal of difference with a 3 min or 5 min chart. Just depends what you get used to.

I use the medved stuff for futures, the only thing it lacks is historic days, but i can get that from other sources.
URL Please -Medved


Please post the URL for Medved FREE Charting Tools, I would like to try it, heard a lot about it.

Currently trading Spot at Oanda, Charts aren't the best, But Order execution is one of the fastest.

For Spot trading I use FREE Charts from CMS and Meta Trader.

QuoteTracker can get currency quotes from IQFeed (they recently added them I believe) and IDEAL exchange on IB. We are interested in adding other sources

ok, free charts:
1) MetaTrader ( download the MetaTrader 3.75, register demo and use the free charts )
2) VT of same here - register a demo, and use charts.
3) they have web based charts. You have to open a demo here as well, but I find akmos charts to be very nice - better than free refco/fxcm
4) refco/fxcm - you know about those
5) ActForex free online Java charts (not the best, but still ok)

Not free, but still:

1) Metastock - in my opinion the best - I use it
2) Esignal is providing very good online charting at with 30 day trial, and it is not that expencive compared to what you get - first class...
I wont get on with this, cos paied you can probably find yourselves.

Good Day!

Thanks rezo -I know you from Moneytec.

fyi -I've used all of them except akmos, Think will give it a go.