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I use - the Silver subscription- for my charts and indicators. Up until now I have had no problems with it and is generally reliable.
However, I am finding that when switching to another instrument, ie Dow to stocks, when the blue progress bar gets to 100% for the new instrument, it stops there, and page freezes.
In fact usually have to close down, and reboot losing any information you already have.
Anyone else having this hiccup, or more importantly, anyone know know the reason, and way to fix it.
Many thanks


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Yes I see this often enough for it to be a problem. I get it switching between timescales or displays types. I dont tend to switch instruments often, only really have the SPX chart up. It only started happening about two weeks ago. I guess its a problem at their end. I dont have a subscription so as a paying customer at least you have the right to raise the issue with them.




I also have had similar problems with Prophet, it is only a recent problem, in my case it is due to Java. I have a computer at work and one at home, they both started playing up at the same time, so I was convinced that Prophet had changed something on their website, I emailed them and to be fair to them they responded very quickly with an email to help sort out the problem, it involved things like browser update etc.
I do not have it at home but will PM it to you both if required, but the earliest would be Monday.
I found that downloading the Java Virtual Machine from a third party finally cured the office machine, but no matter what I did I could not get my home computer to run properly.
I have now cancelled my gold membership with Prophet, which is a pity, as I found it was ideal for my needs.
I am now looking for a replacement, I had access to realtime US indicies, US stocks and e mini and mini Dow, historical US and UK stocks for as far back as you would ever want to go, it will be difficult to find a replacement for under $50 that Prohet charged.
Sorry to be a bit negative but in your cases it might be easy to sort out.

Kind regards



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thanks Dave and Kevin for your replies, glad to hear that it is not just me with problems with them. I too have only experienced bizarre behaviour from the site only in the past 2-3 weeks.Before that it has always worked like a dream.
Sounds from your reply Dave that they have changed something on their site, nice of them to inform us, and to let us know of any changes we should make, but thats par for the course. I did once write to them re-a prob. long time ago,and they never answered.
Would be grateful if you would pm me as suggested which would be great help.
As you say their charts and real-time prices,indicators etc.are very good for the price,but more and more the system seems to be breaking down,crashes,suddenly freezes whole computer, or 101 other things you never thought of!
Nevertheless,because it is user friendly,will stick with it until gremlins can be resolved.


Mercury7 and Kevinmcm,

It seems that a lot of the problems can be resolved by going to the tools menu in Java charts, selecting settings and changing from turbo streaming to standard streaming, just tried it and it has cured mine.

Kind regards

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