Recommended trading courses in London?


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Hello there.

I have been searching online now for a good trading course to apply to in or around London. In particular, I am looking for an intensive course which is not one of the weekend or one weekend fast track courses. I want to find one offering the full package where I can attend in person, which I assume could last a few months. I am most interested in trading Forex, however if there is another course which teaches something else and is very good. I would be willing to look into it further.

So far, I have come across courses such as Amplify and the London Academy Of Trading, the basic idea of these both being intensive on floor tuition followed by a possible trading opportunity with them at the end of the course. However, I have read some very mixed reviews on both places hence me asking on here for some guidance.

Prior to a few moths ago, I had no trading experience, however I have been trading on a demo account for a few weeks now, and prior to that read some books on basic introductions to Forex and simple technical trading strategies which do not seem to be working very well but I can say I have a much greater idea of what trading is about.

Any response would be greatly appreciated.


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. . . I am most interested in trading Forex, however if there is another course which teaches something else and is very good. I would be willing to look into it further. . .
Hi Charlie,
Welcome to T2W,

I can't comment on either of the two trading providers you mention as I don't know anything about them. That said, I recommend that you're very clear about what it is that you expect from any course and, even more importantly, make sure that your expectations are realistic. For example, it's common for many novice traders who attend such courses to assume that they'll be taught how to trade. In reality, none of them do that. Some of them may teach how they trade ('they' being the prop' firm or tutor/trainer etc.), but that's very different from teaching someone how to trade per se. Other courses will teach fundamental and/or technical analysis - which may provide a useful foundation to assess the markets and find prospective trades - but it won't make you a trader as such. An analogy would be an art class where the tutor teaches a selection of useful painting tips and techniques. However, each student's work will be different - some good and some bad - in spite of having received identical tuition. The bottom line is that just as a month's painting course is unlikely to produce the next Picasso, a month's trading course is unlikely to turn a novice into a consistently profitable trader.

Lastly, before getting out your credit card, take time to carefully digest these two FAQs:
Can You Recommend a Mentor, Coach or Trading Course?
How Can I Distinguish Between Scams and Reputable Vendors?

Let us know what you decide and how you get on.
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Hopefully you're still on here-PM me as I took one of the courses recently. Don't worry-I'm not going to try to sell you anything (seems to be a constant battle-trying to work out who is out just to get your money).
Take a look at my previous posts if you're not sure of my authenticity as an amateur looking to go pro (whatever that means).


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I guess CFA qualified professionals are quite good at analyzing any trading instruments however forex trading can easily be learn't with the help of internet and almost every broker is concerned on traders education. They conducts many webinars to assist the new traders to learn how to trade forex or binary options without charging any cost.
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