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Hello everyone!

Does anyone know where to access real time data for the TICK and TRIN for the NYSE?

Cheers :)
Thanks for that, but is delayed. I was hoping to get my hands on it from Scottrade....but they don't seem to give that info!
It is unlikely you will get it free and you can get realtime for about $10 a month with ( I think).

I think if you register for free with Scottrade you can get it reatime - I know have it realtime in conjunction with Quotetracker. - TICK/TRIN are not delayed.

Scottrade - you can use this quote source with QuoteTracker. The symbols are:


USQ/TICK for Nasdaq TICK
USQ/TRIN for Nasdaq TRIN

NOTE: we will be adding Scottrade as an index source in the next beta release

Jerry Medved seems to be no longer available as a free index source in QT, although provides realtime tick and trin (dji, compx etc are delayed).
FYI - Scottrade (free and brokerage account versions) is now available as an index source in the beta version of QT. If you select it as the index source, remove the symbols from the portfolio.
IB also do Tick and Trin realtime for nothing if you have an account with them ( well, ok, its like $10 a month if you dont trade)


I use Sierra for my charts, the code within sierra for the above is TICK-NYSE-I-NYSE if anyone wants to know, likewise for TRIN.
real time tick and trin-sierra charts-IB

You are not able to ,with sierra,to get tiki readings and are not able to smooth the tiki ,using Sierra,as I know it.


What do you use for back data please for the IB SIerra set up?

It is one of the packages available on Magic workshop?
Which one?

Thank you.
what exactly is tiki? never heard of it.

What do you mean by Sierra IB setup? There is no setup. If you've got and you got an account with IB, you get sierra to use your IB password and thats it. I've never heard of the Magic Workshop, sorry.

I have my data going back over a year for the products that I trade, and I share resources with some other traders so that we dont have to pay for backfill from anyone. Hence, the data is essentially free :D

The trade2win shop also sells Sierrachart at a slightly discounted rate, you might want to check that too
Got this elsewhere
I use Databull, Mytrack, and SCMagic so I can comment on all of them.

Good program. Incredibly fast. $100 euro once off fee. To use it you
download (EOD or snapshot (say every x minutes (painful tho))) data
in ascii format, then rename the file to csv with a free utility.
Sierra opens the file perfectly.

You get "holes"? What do you mean. I have Silver and have no holes on
any charts. I LOVE this service. I do not use it for futures though.

Good program. Hard to understand the instructions because the guys
are German so their translations get a bit "interesting". Futures
only. Their program will do backfill BUT it (as far as I am concerned
anyway) is not compatible with Mytrack (because of different

To use all of the above I run 2 copies of SierraCharts.
1 in C:\SierrCharts
this one for futures (IB feed) and databull (global stocks)
1 in c:\SierraChartsMyTrack
this one for US stocks