Real Time stock quotes and screener


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Hello, I did a search on the forum but many treads were either not answered or I did not find what I was looking for.
I am based in Europe and use a broker that has 15 minutes delay on stock quotes. Normally this was not a problem since
I mostly invested in long term funds. Now I am getting very interested in short term stock trading and I am looking
for real-time prices (no need of level 2 functionality) for US markets.

I am also looking for a free stock scanner that works pre-maket, I am taking a stab and guess that free does not
exist because so far I was not able to find one.

If anyone experienced here has any names or links I would really appreciate it.

Thank You
Now I am getting very interested in short term stock trading and I am looking
for real-time prices (no need of level 2 functionality) for US markets.

There are many ways to get real-time prices without actually investing anything.

These range from just creating a log-in on a website to full blown registration with a reliable broker that doesn't have any inactivity fees.

But the better a solution you want, the more effort is needed to get set up for them.

You'll perhaps need to be more specific about how much effort you are prepared to go to, to get them.

Then you'll get some suggestions.

Thank You for your reply, putting some effort in something I am trying to learn and want to be good at is just a requirement :)
I am happy to put the work in... This is what I do now:
  1. I use my broker to place orders
  2. I use for charts and what possibly looks like real-time prices
  3. I use Yahoo Finance to double check the stock price and match it with
  4. I use to identify stocks gapping up, this site sim to provide pre-market gappers but I believe they have at least 15 minutes delay because I also live stream a professional trader and he uses his own stock scanner and he gets the same gappers way before they show on
Last night I also registered with, they have also a screener, I plan to test it today on pre market movements.
I was registered with lightspeed or something like that but they gave me only a 1 month trial after that I had to pay and it was too expensive for my level.

I will be happy to hear more ways to get to reliable data.

Thanks a lot
I have just looked into the broker TradeZero, despite their ZeroFree platform with limited functionality but real-time prices, I feel that having to pay 30 dollars only to deposit funds on the account and 70 to withdraw, as a beginner trader I think is too much.

I am still searching for a better option...
I have been looking at site, they have a stock screener but it is not for per-market data, however they have a small section called "Pre-Market" under the stocks section, this page will show you Pre Market top Gainers, only the top 5
but for someone at the beginning phase of trading this can be a nice free resource.

I am going to keep digging to find free resources that newbies like me can use without having to invest a capital in it.