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I have been a long term value investor for the past 10 years or so (UK equities only) - I am now looking to invest for shorter term returns.

I have done a fair bit of research into some of the theory - atr's, support/resistance, spreads and bands etc but what I am struggling with is finding a good stock screener to help identify those stocks to follow and research more closely. I would prefer to start with free versions before committing to pay so my question is - can anyone recommend screeners that allow price trends to be spotted over various terms (I.e 1 month, 3 months etc) ???



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There are more than 100 stock screeners, you can use finviz for example of google/yahoo finance, but i would suggest you to google them and choice the one you will like.


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Hey guys,

I am also involving in UK stock market and invested few part of my saving in getting dividends of higher profitable companies. Before some time, I was searching for a web platform from where I may be able to know stock screener so that it become easy to investigate and invest. After research, I found very good tool from UK dividend investors.


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I would recommend google finance as the best platform for monitoring stocks. Easy, fast with no delays. The something from yahoo of decent service which still keep the company in sight.


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So I basically use Charles Schwab to trade. Schwab's research features are stellar. If I set the criteria for upcoming earnings, I can get a list of earnings releases for the next 7 days and the next 30 days. In this way, I can keep a tab on newly increased earnings and increased sales (by looking at the 10-Q announcement).

As for high volume, I will use an upward sloping On-Balance Volume (OBV) to confirm an uptrend, while a downward sloping OBV is used to confirm a downtrend. Additionally, Volume Rate of Change (VROC) is also a good technical indicator.

Schwab Stock lists will give me the "Upgrades" and "Downgrades" lists.
Other than that I'll have to scan the financial news (Google Finance, Yahoo Finance) for some good ideas. Seeking Alpha is good too with its 'quick picks and lists' category. They can serve as stocks to follow.

I'll watch macro data for indications of a bull day. It's crucial to concentrate your efforts on industry leaders as they are the ones who will produce the greatest gains.
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