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Sorry guys yet again can't make the lecture - have to see my daughter. (sorry WANT to see my my daughter)

Sharky will you be posting the Notes anywhere for those who miss it ???

Shelman, are you going to OT to see the Arsenal game this weekend ?? If so could you kindly get me a programme .


Sorry Cookie, the lecture is in audio. Unless we get a short-hand typist at the last minute, there will probably be no notes
:( bears s**t in the woods.
Would you like the corporate prawn butty version or will the standard issue do.
Only joking, no problem, i'll get you one but you can only have it if we win :)
If we win I'll send you a fiver for it !!!!

I'll look out for you on the box - wear a carnation so we can spot you easily.

Good luck

OK Cookie, got your prog,if you still want it, hehe, send me a private or e-mail and i'll despatch it 1st class.
That 1st half was unbelievable but i'm not the type to rub it in so lets just say it was one of those days. We all have them sooner or later.
:) :)
What am i saying...i'm going soft...
~~~~~~~~~Are you City in disguise~~~~~~~~
ps did you see me; i was the one in the red shirt.
Oh and the programs on me, since i can't mail you a pint.

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I was beginning to worry there shel! You can't give up an opportunity like this to do a bit of gloating. Is poor old cookie an Arsenal fan then?

Yep he's definitely a Goner...oops, sorry, a Gooner.

Half of them had GONE at half time anyway...never seen that before...maybe the atmosphere scared was good.

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A Red Letter day - well Done guys - cant believe I'm saying it but we got well and truly stuffed.

I cannot understand with all the resources available at Highbury, that Wenger, knowing that Adams and Keown are in the twilight of their careers hasnt scoured the world for the best centre backs available. Stepanovs and Luzny are a long way off World Class and made Yorke look good.

Keane, Beckham, Scholes etc World Class.
Teddy and Becks are local boys.

I guess its runners up then.

What is your e-mail address Steve??


Cookie...i've sent you a private message...if you are not aware of this facility just go to the bottom of the BB overview page. Also you will find my email is enabled in my profile.