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RE:going short

New member here and only been trading a few weeks (since.oct25th)
just a Q or 2 to all if thats ok.

when going short do you have a target profit before selling ?
(i go for between 5%-10% profit per trade and would sell my stocks if the profit was there same day and would buy stocks which where down on the day with the proceeds).

Going short is just the same as going long, except that prices generally move faster, so your targets are met sooner.

It's always a good idea to know precisely when you will exit your trade, irrespective of your trading strategy.

And of course, if your trade goes against you, you should also know precisely when you will be exiting with a small loss.
i invest about the same £xxxx in each trade and and like to keep at least 6 stocks(7 in at moment) in my portfolios.i normally sell when loses are
if i have a stock showing a 7%gain and a stock showing a 2%loss then i would sell the pair which would equal my 5% target on each.
ermm?? u sure u mean going short? or just selling after you've bought?

In the example you give, just for my own interest, what would you do if both stocks were down 2%?

I ask this only to try and clarify your original question.