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I hope someone can help me with this query!

I have been trying to set up an automatic stop loss and limit order on my daily Dow cash index but I have noticed quite recently that the daily highs and lows closing figures are not what has actually taken place during the day.

I.e on Friday 16th bigcharts and yahoo EOD figures states

High 8766.36 Low 8614.33

Actual figures during the day were High 8742.58 Low 8644.82

according to yahoo and bigchart intraday charts.

What's going on?
Bigcharts are not accurate. They amplify the high and lows using something like every stocks low of the day and every stocks high of the day together rather than the actual index.

For reliable data goto

They both have different symbols for the different calculations of the Dow.

For Yahoo the symbol you are looking for is ^dji1

For Bigcharts I think it is 26099405

Thanks very much guys for your help.

I wouldn't want to loose any money because I have based my calculations on false data.

Now I know what data to use I should be making bags of money!!