Rant: Car Insurance

I hate insurance companies to. But don't forget they are not just insuring your car. They are insuring the use of the car and if someone is knocked down they have to pay up to that person, the ambulance service who takes them to hospital and all of the hospital fees. They also have to pay to put the roadside damage right.

The hospital service isn't fee for car accidents.

So if you hit another car that skids into the central reservation and damages four occupants in their nice new 750 BMW thats beyond economic repair their bill can run into well over £120,000.
Hi Richard

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You are of course right, yes insurance companies do do a lot of good things....but if I didn't have a crash last year - I only cost them a bit of admin and a full refund is in order :D


PS I don't think you could crash into a BMW 750. Those cars are so well loaded that the computers wouldn't allow a crash - unless that computer was running Windows 95 ;)