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Hi all.

Need to get something off my chest.

Just had my car insurance quote. £430.00 This is for

Two adults over 40 with full no claims bonus.
and me a 21 year old with Pass Plus (the additional driving test).
Haven't had an accident in 3 years - all good drivers.

Now with a quote of £430 you would think I drive a 2 litre sports car, but NO. I drive a E-Reg VW polo 1.3 worth about £200.
Now you mathematicians will have worked out that I would have to write off my car within 6 months to get my money back.

The best bit is...I got the AA to do a search, and the cheapest quote they could get was for £750!!!!

Now what stupid idiots have we got working for motor insurance companies!!! - and if you work for one, then I'm sorry but I don't like you!! :mad:

Right, I think I've got that off my chest. Now I'm off to short every single insurance company to bring down their share price....make some money out of the baarstards and help run their company into the ground.


PS If this is the first post of mine that you have read, then please believe me when I say I'm a pretty calm man by nature :)
Hi FTSE Beater

Try Tesco online or elephant.co.uk, good for young drivers, by the way I am in no way connected to them but worth a try
Good luck.


But you could be at fault and kill someone!

I would suggest that it's this sort of possible liability you are paying for, being 21 statistically you are not a safe driver.

Hi JonnyT

What really gets me is that statistically at 21, as you say, I'm a high risk. Yet I'm 99% sure that I'm a better driver than most 50 year olds - my reactions are quicker and I have 20/20 vision. I know a 50 year old is more experienced a driver, but how much more can I learn about driving that I haven't learnt driving around the country for 4 years.

Anyway thanks for the links guys, but the best quote from all of them is still £550 :(
Never mind (just think) in a few years time it will cost you as much for your FERRARI tyres ;) ;) ;) :D
Hi Ftse,

It has also be shown that a 21 year old fuelled with 3 pints of lager has better reaction times than a 60 year old.

In my view that should be relevent.

Look on the bright side M, you have found the cheapest quote :)

(Helen ducks :))
(Helen ducks )
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</MARQUEE>Darn Missed!!

Thanks for that info JonnyT - Just proves my point exactly :)

and be-positive - you really live upto your name. Thank you for those kind thoughts

Chartman: If I had a Skyline :)

1) I wouldn't be trading (too busy driving)
2) I wouldn't care how much they charged me

The nissan Skyline - One of the most beautiful things in the world
Ok Helen

Good point - well made :)

Dsmodi - You might have a point there :D

....and MMillar - I do do national service. By trading I'm increasing the wealth of the UK. I take money from the Americans to give to the government in tax - Well that's the way that I look at it ;)

Right, off to watch Liverpool wallop Sheffield Utd

Hey Ftse.
Couldn't reply in more detail before, but the high prices this year are part of living in London. We are paying for all those stupid impatient idiots that can't drive, can't park, and have no thought for anyone else.

As an ex driving instructor and still a I.A.M. driver, bad driving from incompetents behind the wheel are my favourite pet hate.

At 21 the cost should start to drop as they begin to consider you an 'adult' driver.

Had my quote in last month and it went from £430 to over £600.
Nothing has changed apart from the car being a year older. Luckily though I have moved house to Sunny Clacton on Sea. (Although I am currently between both at the moment, which is really screwing the trading up.) The cost now, (with a different company I might add) is £230.

But the point of all this is that the AA are not the cheapest people to use. They search on your behalf for the cheapest quote they can offer you, but it might not be the best one out there. Same with Elephant, Budget, Direct line etc.
Unfortunately, only a handful of insurance companies recognise the pass plus scheme. Sadly this makes it from an insurance point of view hardly worth taking. Though from a personal view the extra insight into driving you gleaned made it worthwhile.

That top link I gave you is from a google search. (Cheapest uk car insurers.) and beat my London quote by quite a lot.

Couple of things that you know, but I will point out anyway just in case.
With 3 people sharing the car, of course have the person with the most no claims as the car insurer.
And have all named drivers. Not an anyone driving policy (It only cost £10 to put my daughter on the wife's insurance.) (sorry FB.)
Where the car is left overnight makes a difference. But note it is only overnight. Garage, then off road, then on the street. They say having it garaged overnight makes a difference, but it's always tickled me that if you haven't got a garage, where are you going to get one from!
Then there is the approved alarm/immobiliser to be fitted. A non approved one is not worth having in the eyes of the insurance people. And also driving less then 10,000 miles a year helps.

So, if you live in the Shetland Isles, have your grandfather insure the car with you as named driver. Leave it in a secure patrolled garage along with cctv and have the car alarm on and a very,very thick chain padlocked around the steering wheel. You should get a better insurance quote.
(All this of course will cost 3 times more that the car's worth.)

lol fb - actually i sort of support Liverpool as well....

by "sort of", what I mean is I did when I was a nipper at school, then lost interest in football, but supporting a team is something you do for life I think. Just can't imagine myself supporting anyone else....

So, Helen, you being a woman and can multi-task, no-doubt u r good at ducking, and bending over etc etc.... (hope they don't delete this message)...
dsmodi - After that last comment I would get ducking ;)


You are a man of many talents. I.A.M Driver. The one thing I know I should do, but can't get over all the paper work to do it, and the skills the I.A.M teaches, well the one where you don't change down a gear when braking, just used the brake, my car really didn't like it, and I love her too much to put her through that again :D

Why oh why wasn't I female.

Cheaper car insurance and a better trader. The downside would be the lack of distance on my golf shots. Na, that's far too much to give up!! :D

Thanks for your reply Options (must have taken you ages).
i know FB - and I even had the galls to request to be picked to come on Saturday at the last minute should a place open up... yikes - talk about bad timing,hey ;) ALMOST as bad as my trading ...
"come on you reds!!!!"
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