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FTSE Beater

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Hi all.

Need to get something off my chest.

Just had my car insurance quote. £430.00 This is for

Two adults over 40 with full no claims bonus.
and me a 21 year old with Pass Plus (the additional driving test).
Haven't had an accident in 3 years - all good drivers.

Now with a quote of £430 you would think I drive a 2 litre sports car, but NO. I drive a E-Reg VW polo 1.3 worth about £200.
Now you mathematicians will have worked out that I would have to write off my car within 6 months to get my money back.

The best bit is...I got the AA to do a search, and the cheapest quote they could get was for £750!!!!

Now what stupid idiots have we got working for motor insurance companies!!! - and if you work for one, then I'm sorry but I don't like you!! :mad:

Right, I think I've got that off my chest. Now I'm off to short every single insurance company to bring down their share price....make some money out of the baarstards and help run their company into the ground.


PS If this is the first post of mine that you have read, then please believe me when I say I'm a pretty calm man by nature :)


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Hi FTSE Beater

Try Tesco online or elephant.co.uk, good for young drivers, by the way I am in no way connected to them but worth a try
Good luck.



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But you could be at fault and kill someone!

I would suggest that it's this sort of possible liability you are paying for, being 21 statistically you are not a safe driver.


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Hi JonnyT

What really gets me is that statistically at 21, as you say, I'm a high risk. Yet I'm 99% sure that I'm a better driver than most 50 year olds - my reactions are quicker and I have 20/20 vision. I know a 50 year old is more experienced a driver, but how much more can I learn about driving that I haven't learnt driving around the country for 4 years.

Anyway thanks for the links guys, but the best quote from all of them is still £550 :(


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Hi Ftse,

It has also be shown that a 21 year old fuelled with 3 pints of lager has better reaction times than a 60 year old.

In my view that should be relevent.


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(Helen ducks )
<MARQUEE LOOP="infinite">
</MARQUEE>Darn Missed!!

Thanks for that info JonnyT - Just proves my point exactly :)

and be-positive - you really live upto your name. Thank you for those kind thoughts

Chartman: If I had a Skyline :)

1) I wouldn't be trading (too busy driving)
2) I wouldn't care how much they charged me

The nissan Skyline - One of the most beautiful things in the world
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