Random Walk - Please discuss


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Has anyone ever looked at the random walk indexes on Betonmarkets fixed odds website?
Does anyone know if these are programmed to behave like real marks or are they designed to behave entirely randomly.
If they really are random then why are there areas of support and resistance just like real markets with pin bars etc etc. Do random number generators really throw up patterns like this?
Any help would be appreciated on this as it kind of changes the way I look at the markets!
If you make enough random-walks, you will get charts that have "support and resistance" levels, yes. Just by chance! But they are not meaningfull in any way then.

Heck, if you do enough (=infinite) of them you will even get results that are exactly the same as the real charts. All just a matter of probabilities and how often you make the random-walk-experiment.

Tough, I do not know the "random walk indexes on Betonmarkets fixed odds website" you are talking about, so I might be wrong with this particular implementation as I know nothing about it.