QuoteTracker FTSE index setup


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Great bit of s/w for intrday charts and prices, just point at ADVFN or a supported dealing a/c for prices.

It also can show straeming FTSE 100 by doing the following

View, Indicies, Edit

select nbci.com

Add to user added index -

FOREXR:FTSE in the index symbol field

Press Add

Tick the new entry

Good luck Robin

thanks for posting this - the program is excellent in my opinion.

A couple of questions - has anybody got the email notification to work using an internet mail provider. The program seems to use smtp rather than the ubiquitous pop servers available on yahoo etc.

Also, has anybody tried using it with an advfn premium account for level2 and historic data (eg. 52 week highs).
it simply uses advfn as a datafeed for another client.

Some of the differences are:

- no news feed
- alerts (based on price, 52 week hi/lo, volume) to pop up window, email or noise
- ability to sort the display list by column

ultimately the usefulness of this will depend upon whether or not you like the look and feel but my first impression is that I like it.