Questions about index futures daytrading


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1. In index futures trading, is there also a PDT restriction? Can I daytrade more than 3 times within 5 business days with an account less than $25,000?

2. Can you please recommend some educational resources for fututres daytrading? I have some experience in stock trading and need educational resources specific for futures daytrading.

Thanks a lot indeed. :)


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There is no PDT rule for trading of index futures. All you need to do is maintain the margin requirements which are very much lower than for PDT. IB should give you an idea of what it is for each index future that you wish to trade.



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I wonder if you know about the book Direct Access Futures: A Complete Guide to Trading Electronically by David Silverman? It seems to have some information I need about E-minis, but there is some negative comments about it at

Can you please tell me your opinion about that book? Thanks indeed.


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hey, futures are the future dude

i dont like stocks too much cos of all the whippin around by prog & mechanic traders. all u can do is scalp.

ec is bitchin right bout now

as the other dude said - no pdt rules trade as much or as little as you want. yr costs will be higher though as rt data is more costly and so r commissions if you trade small.


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Hi Thirteen, Gary, thanks indeed.

I wonder if anyone has any ideas about the book or any other educational resources in index futures?
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