Question Regarding the NASGAP system from John Piper?



I have a question. This system is about how to trade gaps in the market. My question is since you have to be on your computer at the beginning of the trading day in New York. Can you place 2 trades at the same time from 2 computers? Or will the NASGAP system only work for 1 computer, and you can do 2 computers at the same time?
Thank you
Could you have two different accounts and trade that way ?
Yes, I can create 2 accounts and trade that way. The problem is that the market opens at about 15:00 UK time and then you place a trade that the gap on the market will close. But you have to be on the PC at that time 5 minute windows to place the trade. The question is can you place first on your PC and then again the same trade on your laptop? Because prices move every second, so even though I`m trading on the close of the gap it might go the wrong way. I know I can squeeze in 1 trade but what about 2?
I'm not familiar with the strategy in question, but why do you need to use 2 computers? Are you not simply opening and closing the same trade?
He said that you can`t trade this strategy with more than 100k account and make more than 100k a year