QuantConnect LEAN platform


Hello fellow algo traders,
after Quantopian went into /dev/null I've been looking for similar algo platform for retail algo traders. I've done some research on this front I ended up with QuantConnect's LEAN.
It has everything I need:
  1. Back testing capability
    1. In the cloud
    2. Locally -> I 've been able to clone github repo, build everything up, make my algorithm back-test running fully locally on my machine, and generated reports
      1. Debugger -> no-brainer must have feature, I've been using Visual Studio Code for this!
    3. A lot of data available (some requires at least demo account with the broker though) as well as the capability to plug other data sources data through csv files
  2. Live trading with several brokers
    1. In the cloud
    2. Locally
  3. Open Source LEAN repo on GitHub
  4. Algo languages
    1. C#
    2. Python
Is anybody here who uses this platform for live trading from own infrastructure/server ?
Is there any other similar platform?

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I'm planning to build with LEAN. It's good to know that it can also trade locally (I wasn't sure about that part). I know QuantConnect has their cloud service - and I plan to use it - but since I'm a newb I figured I might try to master LEAN and part of that involves observing the live-trade behavior.
I tried to use QuantConnect, but It was too complicated for me. I'm currently using tradepython for back testing / live trading.