Quality of Bloomberg television Guests


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Did anyone else catch the technical analyst commentary around 10:45am this morning. They had a guest on who was talking about the Dow and Bradford & Bingley. A chart was shown with a stochastic indicator below.

The presenter asked the guest what was a stochastic indicator.
He replied he did not know, but that when it was oversold it was a good indication to buy.

Just goes to remind us all of the "quality" of some of the city professionals :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Just for the record and for the guest's education, the Oxford Dictionary defines stochastic as

"determined by a random distribution of probabilities"

So keep up the good work. The professional opposition is not that brilliant


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To be honest he has probably got as much chance of being correct as any of the expert TA people that they have had on there as well. At least he was open enough to admit he didnt know what he was talking about where-as the others speak as if they do and still more often than not get everything wrong.


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Having worked in the City for many years, and having used Bloomberg's trading screens, they are second to none,, (much better than Reuters).

However, the same cannot be said of Bloomberg TV...!!!

I think the reason it is so bad is because it gives airtime to guests who are just not worthy of appearing on the Teletubbies never mind Bloomberg...

last time we had Tom Hougaard (should be Tom who?gaard), explaining that we were about to reach a complete doom scenario.

TH is inexperienced and somewhat overly keen to gain publicity rather than say anything that is really worth listening to...

Bloomberg TV is severely dummed down by dummies.


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It sounds like good comedy but I bet it's expensive?


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Bloomberg screens are very good (most MM/SB companies use them to price there products).

I would like to get a screen but at a £1,000 per month its too expensive. But the info is worth the cost if you can afford it.


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One thing I notice about Bloomberg TV is the way they always favour the Bullish analysts and cut short any Bears. I know it is in their interest to have a bull market but have you noticed that even on a day when the data is bearish like last friday they keep pedalling the same dummies over and over all afternoon claiming how good value is there NOW.
Why do they interview locals at the exchange, since when did these guys know where it was going anything more than a few minutes at a time. Guess they just pick the perenial Bulls and ask them to talk shit for 30secs each day to keep the punters happy.


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I am starting to agree with Blairlogieh.. Bloomberg is not what it once was on the TV side of things..I note the amount of ex bloomy's now on other networks!

I disagree with your commits about TH.... but hey each to their own :cool:



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Their newsreaders are total crap. Don't come anywhere near any of the main channels.
As for the presenters, I have the sound off.
Good for insomnia though :cheesy:


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Bloomberg TV is sometimes worth watching for the comedy factor. The news reader used to burst out laughing all the time but she seems to have it controlled now.

Then there are the times when they go to a break just before a major economic announcement. Must be someone there having a laugh. At least Tom H is interesting. People seem to remember his good calls and forget the bad ones but at least he seems to do some homework. Some of the TA 'experts' seem to know very little.


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Always enjoyed hearing his enthusiasm before the open at 6:45 every morning. Lot more boring now.
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