QData EOD feed for UK stocks


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QData EOD feed

Anyone got any recent experience with the QData EOD feed for LSE?

I trialled their package about 1 year ago and was not impressed with either the data quality or the Australian download/data management software.

Just wondering if it has improved now and worth another trial.



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I too would be interested in the experience of others to this service, as my service with Citifeed is about due for renewal.


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SorryI didn't see sooner.

I've been using Q-data for 8 months for uk shares but only checked its reliability recently as I'm only just getting round to trading.

Basically it's a nightmare.

I've found 5 ftse 350 stocks missing from the folders- 5 weeks after informing them of this they are still missing. Imagine how many are missing from non-350 stocks.

The volume figures are consistently less than they should be.

Q-data claims to provide Trade prices for all shares, but in fact does this only for SETS stocks; for SEAQ stocks they provide midprices for closing prices, but for OHL they are totally chaotic- sometimes mids sometimes trades.
They do not adjust for splits or spikes, nor delete non-trading securities
In short, the only quality control they appear to have is that provided by complaints from clients.
A big problem is that in the uk office no-one has any technical expertise- so complaints are always passed on to the datamanager, based elsewhere, and a game of chinese whispers ensues.

Anything good about them? Yes- the people in the office are indeed very friendly.

Hope you havent splashed your cash- so now I'm looking for someone else for data- what are Prestel like, and do you know much about Paritech?
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