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Do you have trouble pulling the trigger? If so, you’re not alone. Greed and fear exert a powerful influence when the time comes to enter the trade. This is especially true for newbies who have great difficulty visualizing the rewards or risks they’re about to incur.
Effective trade entry requires skill, confidence and a strong stomach. Most of the time it should be an uncomfortable experience; no one likes to lose money. But the ability to follow a disciplined entry plan, even when it hurts, separates profitable traders from the hordes of losers who take up the game.
I receive dozens of questions each year from frustrated traders who aren’t sure when to be in or out of positions. I’ve compiled the best ones here today, along with advice about helpful ways to enter the market with confidence.
Q – I get confused about the elements needed to make a trade. How can I tell when to pull the trigger?
A – What you really need is experience so you can correlate your decision to...
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Author Alan Farley answers a range of questions as to why you may find yourself unable to enter a promising trade.


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Can you? Or can you not? Why? The answers are simple. You either don't know what you are doing or you are risking too much. It does not get any more simplistic. YOU CHOOSE WHY YOU DON'T TRADE!

Or is it both?

There is one factor that could management! Not that the average 'bone head' would know the difference. But, believe it or not, two people can be successfull traders with different money management techniques, but, none would risk more on average.
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Re: Pulling the Trigger Q&A

These question and answers cleared all the doubts of expert trading! I gained advanced trading strategies to avoid losses.
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