pseudo prop or real firm!


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Aug 9, 2012
Has anybody herd of this company claiming to be a "Prop firm"

Sounds like another one of those pseudo prop firms popping up !(n)

When I looked at what they called a "ACTUALTRADER EXPRESS" where one can start trading immediately :-0 it seems all you do is trade your own money!
Is my analysis correct? or I am missing something?

how is it diff to having my own account with LMAX
So for a monthly fee of Euro 185 (USD 220 approx) you give 25,000 position size limit meaning a leverage of 1:113
Does this not mean we actually trading our own money becasue your loss limit is $150!

LAMX itself offers 1:100 leverage where one can have own account with a deposit of $250 and get to trade $25000!