Proposed Summer Trading Meet


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It has just occurred to me that some of you may not have access to the Motley Fool site and won't be able to read this post.

The question was would you like to attend a summer meet on a Saturday (informal but with maybe one or two small presentations) and the location either :

a) North of Watford Gap
b) South of Watford Gap

There would need to be a small cost as room hire tea/coffee would need to be covered.

If you HAVEN'T replied to the poll on TMF but think you would like to attend can you either post your interest on this thread or send me a private message.

It's looking very much as if it's north of Watford Gap at the moment :)


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Hi all,

I have now booked a venue, Solihull on 6th July. If you want to come can you let me know ASAP so that I can get an idea of numbers. Details on the Events noticeboard.


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Hi Weeze,

No it's the same thing. However, unless I get some people saying they want to come (at least 10) it won't be happening. Had 27 people say they wanted to come and now I'm asking for some certainty I have two yes's and one maybe :-(

I need to pay the deposit this week and unless I get more support I'm not prepared to put up £60 that I might lose. May sound mean but it's taken quite a bit of effort to get it this far and it's detracting from my trading.

Are you a defo? If so can you mail me? I'm trying to make a file of names to mial wiht details.

Have a good weekend.


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Hi Helen

This is the problem for me - I can't say for defo until I know for certain what commitments there are likely to be in the last few weeks of term. :-( (It could be that applies to others, too, hence the hesitation in making a firm commitment at this stage.?)

I hope enough come forward at this stage to be able to make it viable :-(



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Hi all,

Very close now (only 1 short) to having enough people to say that this event is definately on.

So far the programme will contain the following:

Short presentations on trading styles and approaches by
TBS (to be confirmed)

Presentation on Psychological defence mechanisms and trading (by me)

Session on Trading the Dow (working on people here :))

Session by TBS (content to be confirmed)

If you want any more information let me know.

There are some boards for discussion of nitty gritty details here:



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Hi Helen

I am a definately interested in meeting everyone but at the moment I can only be a maybe. I haven't been able to find where in solihull it is (or haven't you said yet) but definately require all the details.



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Not wishing to tread on Helen's pretty toes, the event is now definitely on.So from now on, the more the merrier. At the risk of sounding like I'm blowing my own trumpet, I have been asked to do a presentation on "Trading the DOW". I think that this will be of interest to all of you that trade the dow and will be (hopefully) presented in a professional way using an LCD projector to deliver the chart material, along with my comments, tips and secrets.
Your suport in this event will be very much appreciated and I'm sure it will be the best value for money combination of seminars/lectures that you will ever get! Remember you could pay a fortune to get this info and it can be yours for a few quid. Add to that the social side, and I'm sure we are going to have a great day out.
6th of July, in Solihul, near the NEC.......
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