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Hi all,

For those that do not know there is a long only share game called Shareleague. It's not as sophisticated as the game on here but it tests different skills. The winner this year of our private league has turned £50 into £80! Yes you heard right, long only and only being able to trade once a week. He's a value investor.

Here's the link to the site:

If anyone would like to join in the private league this year you will need to join the main Shareleague then apply to join the private league Denizens of IFI and TMF (I may see if I can add T2W to the title if enough people join from here).

The accounts are being reset on the weekend of the 28/29th Jan for the New Year, so joining that weekend or a day or so after would make sense.

Just a reminder that if you want to join this game you need to do it during the next week or so. Once the New Year starts the league is closed.
Hi all,

Well by a good furlong Bluebirds takes the line :) Bullstopper and Entrust taking the next two places.

FTSE fell 26% over the period so everyone who who managed to finish with a balance of over £37K can consider that they at least kept up with the FTSE.

I am going to remove the top 6 people from the league today and I ask that everyone else who wants to now resets their accounts for the new year.

Best of luck everyone.


1 Bluebirds £82781
2 bullstopper £71672
3 Entrust £63460
4 loudbarker1 £59971
5 Wildebeeste £58571
6 SirGuestie £50439
7 KingMcKong £50173
8 GreyingSurfer £50013
9 JonnyT £50000
10 cloudhands £50000
11 nigelpm1 £49871
12 FTSEBeater £48965
13 oetzi £47013
14 Street66 £46959
15 buster £45143
16 slartybartfast £43421
17 helenqu £40699
18 TMFMayn £40377
19 ianshep £39862
20 Cereberus £39793
21 Nick_Toe £38952
22 slicko £38823
23 DrMike £37863
24 weezydj £31059
25 Phlebas £31026
26 FanciThat £29831
27 Dan_Dan_the_Broker_Man £27101
28 agandau £25961
29 MarkyJS £24830
30 rdaniells £23882
31 cavebat £22853