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Hi all,

I am due to attend an interview for a well-known - on this website anyway - prop trading firm and I was hoping to get some advice from you guys.

I currently work in the hedge fund arena (research analyst) and have wanted to become a salaried trader for a number of years. I'm having a tough time getting into an investment bank, as they seem to be hiring very few graduates at the moment, so I have resorted to applying to prop trading firms. I've landed an interview and just wanted to evaluate my options/ask your opinion before I take it any further - I don't want to waste mine or anyone else's time.

I do not enjoy my current role (probably because I feel the grass is greener on the other side) and I am prepared to give up a good salary to learn the ropes. The role I have applied for gives you between 3-5 months sponsorship/training and from then on, you're on your own. Although I am hoping it won't be the case, I am concerned as to how long I may have to support myself for and whether there are any decent exit opportunities from a prop trading firm should I get the boot. Am I (more) likely to get a salaried trading role (in a bank for example) after 3-5 months trading experience or are the strategies too dissimilar? Would it show that I am keen to become a trader and would it stand me in better stead in the long run? Although I am 22, I feel that if I don't get into trading soon I will miss the boat and, at present, I don't have the capital to trade from home and make enough to live on.

Any advice/guidance will be greatly appreciated.




Junior member
After writing that, what did you do?

Did you leave your job as a analyst? Did you pass the interview?

Did you complete the training and you are now funded by the prop trading firm?

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