Program Your own spoken voice alert files


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For thjose wanting a variety of spoken voice alerts (if you like the voices) try visiting

All you have to do is type in the alert you want eg "BUY NOW" and choose the voice you want it said in and the software will produce a WAV file for you to play over and import to your charting software.

Have fun!


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genius! :) if only you could programme your trading platform to play sounds too. i quite fancy some crowd cheering and a cheesy voice saying "Who's the Daddy" when closing out a winning trade..


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That's OK for winning trades, but they just can't get the feeling into those words needed for losing trades :cheesy:


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Unfortunately most of the sound files I have are WAV and this site will not accept them and my other machine (which has conversion software) is out of action.

However for the ultimate trade signal (mp3) there is always this one from that well known film When Hary met Sally :cheesy: :cheesy:

I'll probably be banned for posting this!

We have to be optimistic don't we?


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Hmm anyone else think the names are a bit US perception of UK?

Charles and Audrey?

Also they don't sound anything like an english accent :( At least no one I've ever met sounds like them.

Link is great though thanks, considerably less unnerving than my current "phone" alert.

sell Sell SELL SELL SELL!!! ... Oh I meant Buy


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From the US perspective there are only 3 types of British:

1) Toffs & Lords
2) Cockneys
3) Super villains

Maybe cockney was too much of a challenge for their voice synthesiser.
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