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I cant see a 'reply' to topic. posted twice on competition entry and it appeared a day later. I can post to 'new topic'.
tried refresh,reboot, refresh page on each visit..

Yep. I had the same problem. Posted a reply to Gearhouse, didn't see it go in so posted again.... next day there they both were.
A number of us have experienced this problem. whether Pigsy can fix or not
dont know, but then lets not put too much pressure on the man, he has a living to make to.

Small price to pay for the effort he has put in on our behalf to keep the club together.

We're finally getting somewhere with this problem! It appears that the reason we sometime don't see our replies straight way is becasue of our ISP caching the pages. The BB works be rewriting each html page with a new post rather than generating the thread dynamically. But there are fixes for this!

I'm just going over some documentation now which will allow me to set these html pages as non-cacheable - this is achieved by editing a file on the actual server this BB is hosted on.

So bear with us, but I think theres a real chacne this annyoing bug could be fixed this weekend.

If anyone is interested (as if! :)) theres a really good article on web caching at called "Is Your Web Site Cache Friendly?" and at which is a "Chaching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters"


ps. Sorry I havent been active on the BB, but its been hectic at work, I havent been trading.. and updating the site is taking up some of my time. But I still read all the posts, and in the new year I hope to be adding my own insights to the board.

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Pigsy thanks for the insight into the problem.

Am sure we can cope with this small problem, so dont spend too much of your valuable time on it.

Remember No1 comes first.........thats advice from someone who helped others in the past to No1's detriment.

Thanks Uncle, but it really is no trouble and I also am eager to fix this problem.


Modifications have now been made to the server running the Bulletin Board which have hopefully cured the caching problem we all had to put up with since the creation of the temporary bulletin board.

Therefore, if you experience ANY problems from now on with replies no showing up immediately.. then please reply to this thread. Otherwise if there are no more symptoms reported, I think we can finnaly say we've cracked it!

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Well done, works amazingly well at the moment..