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I am on a different laptop and installed the usual.....

Just logged on to Natwest and tried to adblockplus the various adverts BUT, refresh the page (and other sites) and they are straight back. On the natwest page, even before refreshing they don't totally go.

Anyone got any tips on which subscription is best, or, another similar app that DOES block ads?

Its likely that you're doing something wrong.

After you block an advert go Ctrl-Shft-E and check the filter. Adding an * at the end after you have enough to identify the advert will generalise the address and get all ads from the same source.

The other thing to look at is Remove It Permanently which lets you pick out sub areas within a page and remove them (like the sections at the bottom of T2W pages.

I went to NatWest Personal banking and got rid of the two adverts at the top of the page and that seemed to go fine. Maybe a fresh install of firefox 3.0.4 and adblock plus (i just use the std us filter).
hmmm, just tried it and still its there (on this page special offers).

latest adblock and firefox too. Must be me though if it works for you...
Interesting wasp. This morning I opened the above page again and the flash advert was back. Which means the link has changed slightly.

Yesterdays link was
Todays link was

The solution is simple:
Chanage the filter to:*.swf

Which bought back the little piggybank ... hmmm

so i changed the other block from

hmmm still there

These b'stards are working hard to advertise. I can get rid of them easily with RIP. But lets restart the browser and have another look.