Pork Bellies


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Hi Jonny T.

I totally agree with you. I didn't say you should take their trades:

1.) The service is called Moore Research, an not Moore Trading.
Somewhere on their website they state that they "only" provide research, no trading advise."

2.) As they write in their Disclaimer:
... Even If A Seasonal Tendency Occurs In The Future, It May Not Result In A Profitable Transaction As Fees, And The Timing Of The Entry And Liquidation May Impact On The Results. No Representation Is Being Made That Any Account Has In The Past Or Will In The Future Achieve Profits Utilizing These Strategies." (From MRCI.COM)

3.) After all: wouldn't it be great? you just pay $30 per month and make thousands??? what a great deal! but that's not reality.

In my opinion:
MRCI offers a great RESEARCH service, and applying proper filter and money management techniques spreads ARE the most profitable way to trade.



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I fully subscribe to your observations. MRCI provides very solid research but certainly no free-lunch. Thanks for the links to futures-spread-trading and good to read about the Joe Ross seminar. What is his reputation? Good value for money?

PS This thread started with Pork Bellies, coming back from easter break I see that trade has worked. Don't know what happened but PB's are down 3pts at 103. I am lowering stop to 103.8 aiming to lock in 2.3pts


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This made me laarf -

I was looking at some stuff on the CME/CBOT site about their common clearing link. The official name for the Dow-S&P spread is the SPUD!

of course, you can also trade the mini SPUDs!


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The SPUD is a spread.

I guess it stands for SandP Under Dow

I guess one can play with SPUDs until the cows come home. If you chart it, you can see there is money to be made. Must be careful on the ratio though when looking at spreading indicies off against eachother.

Who'd want to trade spoos when you can trade spuds?? CME also do Milk and butter futures. Its all making me hungry.

What will my equity curve be like if my portfolio consists of Pork Bellies, Spuds and milk?

Why can't I get veg futures so I have a balanced portfolio/diet? No wonder all these yanks have weight problems.

I want totrade beer futures. I could spread them off against vodka at 5:1


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BBB fancy setting up a Beer Exchange?

where should we base it? Wigan? Manchester?

current quote for Stella 2.85-2.87 , John Smiths 1.50-1.52

any buyers?


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Obviously BBB doesn't know what a spud can be equated to in Northern parts...

Playing with your Spud would get you into trouble were you caught in public...



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Sorry Jonny - the Penny has dropped!!

FC - tough one. I'll sit that one out as both are puke. Gimme a pint of Timmy Taylors or Harveys Sussex... I'll be hitting the offers all the time.

Hmm this is thirsty work. Im off to the The Sloany Pony for a pint of Harvey's


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Re the Beer Exchange, you'd need a Grading Panel :cool:
I'll volunteer to go on that :cheesy:
Get your name down quickly ;)




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Funny enough, I have a mate who used to be a director of CAMRA!

Every year I go to the GB CAMRA Beer Fest at Olympia. He shows us round, introduces us to the brewery owners, sample the ones he thinks will win this year etc. Great Fun!!!

But now, I really am off to the pub! just took a nice chunk out the market since my last post, so that does me for today...


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I hope that chunk wasn't out of a Live Hog!



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PB wave iv correction completed?

Case can be made that wave iv correction is completed at 101.8 (July contract) where wave a equals c. If in wave (v), down channel should be decisively penetrated. We'll know soon.

My PB K4 was stopped out at 103.90 for a gross P&L of 2.15 pts. May Bellies did not make my target of 101.20. Too bad.

For now charts of July PB do not give me enough signals to warrant a long entry. We'll keep an eye on this one.


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