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If anyone has a suggestion for the front page poll, please add it to this thread. I'd like to put a new one up every week, but I need some inspired suggestions to help me along the way...

As a suggestion for the poll, how about;

"Have we reached the bottom of the market?"

where "market" can be defined as either US and European Markets OR as Global Markets, bearing in mind that the Japanese Nikkei has been decling longer than the western markets...

Furthermore, the answer wouldn't be a mere Yes/No, but a selection of them. Among others, these could be ;

A) The market has bottomed - for the next few years anyway;
B) The market has bottomed for the rest of 2002;
C) The market will go lower in 2002 before recovering in 2003;
D) The market will continue going lower into 2003 before recovering;

These are just some suggestions as to answers, but ofcourse input from others could generate more.

The above is, ofcourse, all IMHO.
(peeps write that on bulletin boards, so i thought "why not?" )...
Thanks dsmondi..

I was thinking of a poll along the same lines myself, just wasn't sure how to piece it together. I like the question and options, so I'll set it up to go live by the end of play today. Keep them suggestions coming in!
If members have any more suggestions for the front page poll, please add them to this thread. Ideally we'd like to rotate the poll twice a month - but there's just the small matter of coming up with some interesting and worthwhile questions first!
The Gordon Brown Poll.

How long does Gordon Brown have before some nice old
pensioner gets him round the throat ?

and the pensioner dies of heart attack at his feet ?

How long before Gordon Brown has heart attack and
dies at the feet of a nice old pensioner ?

How long before Gordon Brown puts up taxes once again ?

How long before Gordon Brown reduces Taxation ?
How about fantastic holiday destinations, that people can recommend, without the hard sell, we all deserve a break, its often a question of where shall we go this year, you know somewhere a little different, there's so much choice, you can't really make up my mind, then maybe you meet someone who tells
you about there holiday experience, wow that's different I never would have thought of that !
Poll idea

Thought it might be useful to have a poll on the question "How long from the start of taking an interest in trading elapsed until you traded live"

Can't post this under community,no authority,but I thought this would be useful to give newbies some idea or expectations as to what is involved in this process.

If Sharky agrees maybe he will post it.

Sharky why not great a thread called 'ideas' where members could leave a idea for this t2w forum, like have a share game, oh-no you got that, erm. viewing whoes online and where, you got got that as well.

Well you know what I mean
based on dsmodi's thread we could not only discuss markets but indicies, USD, popular shares?
is trading tedious or not?

would you give up the stress of trading (and also the money) to return to full-time work?

when is the site going to change colour again?

edit :- or rather "what colour would you like the site to be" ??
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Instruments Traded

Primary Indicator Used

Other (non-Trading) Interests in Life

Length of Time Trading together with Length of Time Trading Successfully (i.e. making money)

Part-Time Trader/Full-Time Trader

Gender (Male/Female/?)
How quickly can you reverse your position in a share, i.e., go short and long?


The same day?

1 to 2 weeks?

After a lot of time has elapsed cos you didn't want to admit you were wrong in the first place!