Article Platform Malfunctions:- A Trader’s Worst Nightmare

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Just like good boy scouts, traders need to be prepared for the unexpected. It is virtually inevitable that part of a trader’s workstation will melt down at some point, and this can lead to a financial loss. Platforms can experience problems, including surprises in strategy automation, for which traders need to plan. And, although it (thankfully) doesn’t happen very often, entire exchanges can even shut down. All traders need a well thought out plan – in writing – to deal with these types of eventualities. If traders are ready to deal with problems as they arise, they’ll be back to trading sooner – and hopefully with a minimum of stress and financial loss. Think of this preparation as a form of risk control.
Important Numbers At the very least, traders should have a handy list of service providers having to do with trading: brokers, essential trading and charting software, internet service providers, etc. The list should be easy to use and posted in an obvious location. The...
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I fully support the action, last month my computer went off, and i lost all my important data, and from that day i pay special attention to my computer. i need to spemd lot of $$ to fix it , but still i lost the data already saved on it. I strongly recomend this exercise atleast twice a month.