Pivot Points


Would be interested to know a successful way of using
pivot points for my trading as I have not used them before
any points welcome
Hi Buddha.

I can't get pivot points to work myself :( , but if you are going to use them, then I would look for other support/resistance around that point, which should make the pivot points work better. :)


In my vast experience :D some markets seem to adhere to the pivots lines more than others. I've found the Cac and S&P to be quite good. Helen has posted lots on the EuroStoxx I believe she's mentioned it sticks to pivots well. As regards a sysem:

Again Helen mentioned this site that mentions using S/R lines a way of taking advantage of spread betting bias. Basically as it approaches a line bet the other way and hopefully enjoy the spread switching back in your favour as the price bounces off this line. Predicting when it will bounce off or break through seems to be the key. I've been experimenting different indicators, but found nothing too reliable yet. Fibonacci lines could also be used in conjuction as discussed on another thread. http://www.trade2win.co.uk/boards/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4205&highlight=pivot

Hope that helps or anyone can help add to this.

Pivot points do not work for me- not even close! I think that they are used mainly by traders who do not have continuous access to charts.

The idea is great, though, but not by using the same formula that everyone else is using! That is like telling everyone what you are doing, surely?

Pivots just another thing to keep an eye on like intraday sup/res levels, etc. Split...they dont necessarily work every time they are hit..
Hi Split,

They do seem to work on the STOXX, but will be breached often in strong trends or only provide a minute or so respite. Also they act on STOXX (and I can only speak for that as it's all I have used them for) within a 4/5 point band, so you can't be exact with them. Then again you can't with any other sort of S/R. My attitude is it's worth knowing where they are, lots of people use them so they are likely to be "sticky". Same things applies to yesterdays, H,L,C values. It's all additional info that can make a difference between profit and loss and you need all the edge you can get.
Hi Buddha
I use the CT pivot Indicators for my trading with some success.
Have you been having much success with yours?
Do do you use it in conjuction with other indicators?

Yes - use it with CT signal but its amazing how the pivots
act as a good indicator for taking profit or closing out
part of a deal - I also use them to give me a handle on
the days trading action

:D surely in order to work out the pivot points,one only has to use a pivot calculater........the site below

www.surefirething.com is charging $99.00 per month.... :eek:

$99.00 ,basically using the same principle as using a pivot calculater....this can't be right ...am i missing something :D
Hi there everybody, can somebody recommend some reading
material dealing with "pivot points"? Thanks Eddy.
<i>Hi there everybody, can somebody recommend some reading
material dealing with "pivot points"? Thanks Eddy.

Yes, 'Spin on this Saddam' by George W Bush.

Seriously I think they offer nothing and can be explained by randomness. Have a look at 'Fooled by Randomness' by Naseem Taleb, great book.

Floor traders' pivots work well on S&P and Nasdaq futures if you use them as filters and to give you an understanding of what the mood in the market is.
Obviously they work very well on ranging rather than trending days.
What matters is how the market behaves as levels are approached and FTPLs are essential to both US futures and US shares trading.

Hello I'd grateful if anyone could help me.

I've just started using Sierra chart and am still feeling my way round it. Is there a way of displaying each days Pivot points not just the most recent days. I Might just be being dum but it seems to display only todays pivots, which isn't useful for back testing.

Much appreciated

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