Free Pivot Points!

very good...and it programmed in java..???

I am thinking of purchasing pivot point add on to metastock...

has anyone used it?....

thanks in advance
Hi trendspotter,

Thanks for this. It's always great when people put effort into helping others.

If you want to add some more functionality then...

1. There are several different ways of calculating PPs. e.g. I know lots of people on this board follow Woodie so you might want to have a look at putting his PPs into your program.

2. At the moment you have to manually enter info. Why not pick it up automatically from Yahoo or Lycos. You could perhaps have a few buttons that we can click on to get the Indices, then an entry box to enter a particular stock symbol.

3. If you want to get really flash then you can add in other functionality such as ORB calculations -;action=display;threadid=124 and;action=display;threadid=113

Thanks for the've given me plenty to think about so I'll see what I can come up with! It may take a while though!
I've added two more columns based on Woodies calculations as suggested.

Any ideas for a source of previous days ohlc prices that a user can access from the site?

I'm also looking for chart feeds for the major instruments which can be accessed without registration...any suggestions?

Hi again,

You can use free quotes from


gives a table of SPX daily prices. ^dji is for dow. ^ftse for ftse. ^GDAXI for dax. etc Just watch out for bad prices e.g. opening prices are often wrong, and also that yahoo and lycos use slightly different symbols.

I don't think you need to logon to get daily downloads, but even if you do it shouldn't be a problem because both sites use cookies i.e. your server will store the ID and Password and login automatically.