Article Personal Leadership Develops Personal Mastery

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Trading in the financial markets is subjective and almost exclusively.  There are as many approaches to the process as there are traders; and many of them are successful along with so many, many more that are not.
Additionally, trading can be defined in a number of ways.  For example, “A transfer of funds from those who do not know what they are doing and have little emotional management, to the accounts of those who do know what they are doing and are exercising strong emotional management” and “Trading is a journey in self discovery” and “Trading is an art and must be practiced like practicing the medical arts or practicing law or any other endeavor that requires a high level of proficiency.”  Furthermore, like medicine and law, the attentive, attuned and serious trader understands that you must approach the markets from a position of continuous learning (both about the markets and more importantly about yourself).  But, learning does not occur in any enduring fashion unless it...

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Creative tension for me is that moment when reviewing, knowing that the only way to close the gap is to analyse the days good and bad trades and feed information into the plan do review loop.I dont want to get off the floor, but within a few minutes of beginning the mental chasm narrows quickly.

Traders who have fully bought into their vision and see that they must change in order to manifest that vision, and who commit themselves to the results that they want despite the disparity between where they want to be vs. where they are, begin to feel “compelled” by the vision. That is because the vision is not just a conscious concept. Due to the fact that the vision resonates with what they passionately want, there is an unconscious motivation which serves to drive behavior. There is a sense of patience that is derived in part from the fact that they are so focused on the vision, and they are so attentive to what will support that vision that they do not pay as much attention to distractions or external/internal noise.

These above are characteristics of extremely robust learners.

This statement below
These are fear related “emotional tensions” that stem from those limiting beliefs.

For me alludes to a powerful paradox I must overcome. Ie this is very important to me so I keep trying. As I improve I will inevitably come up against previous barriers imposed by self belief of my own limits. The fear of failure increases as this happens. Agreed about confronting them.
Thankyou for this article, it refers to everything I have been experienceing
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