Pension fair play


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Talking of FAIRNESS ( yeah I know a dirty word in some places ) I would like to see ALL pensions put into 1 pot and paid out equally.

Never happen in the US but could and should happen elsewhere. Now that winter is here again many pensioners are having to make a difficult choice between turning on the heating and buying food !!Either way their life expectancy is shortened to weeks.

The rich don't need huge pensions as well !! But the worse off really should have a bit of comfort and dignity for the last few years of their lives !!

I don't know if they still send round trucks in the major Russian cities to collect the " stiffs " after a cold night. They used to, a few years ago. The homeless are frozen solid as they huddle in doorways. Cruelty to many of their senior citizens beyond belief !!


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Given we won't allow citizens to freeze/starve to death.... tit-sucking parasites should be given the MINIMUM... a cot in a shelter + 3 meals a day.... AND a cyanide capsule.

If they don't want to work and tire of the "shelter life", bite down on the pill. Their problems and society's problem regarding them is resolved.

Quote from lighnintrade:

Dignity? Let them starve it out. They're lucky they don't get regular beatings from us forced to pay taxes.
Grandpa told me, "the world doesn't owe you a living"... I still hold to that

The above comments are by 2 guys , talking about pensioners. Where oh where did decency and values go ? Are they to be buried by the new "pigsty" culture ?
It was greed, selfishness and brutality that has warped our society worldwide.
Say NO to these reptiles that have emerged from the slime !!
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