Pdc darts


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MVG will no doubt clean up again, the guy is on another level
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Paul Lim what a legend gutted he didn’t hit the double
How amazing that would have been!

I have a tenner on Taylor @9/1 (I think)
I did have Anderson to win it out @ 11/2 and for there to be a 9 darter (cant remember the odds) but I got greedy and threw a few football games in there too to drive up the odds...Liverpool let me down...like they do their own fans :LOL:

I might go back to the bookies and put on the same bet again, minus the football


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Some really entertaining games today!
Just finished watching that final game (Anderson/West)... wow...I have to go outside and cool off...was pretty tense for a while!

Taylor ran over young Brown.
Pity for him but he made it a good distance.