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My last article, the Hardware Guide, covered the basic requirements for a capable, reliable hardware setup to trade the markets effectively. Some of you may also be aware of my Techies Corner Guide, which provides some basic information about PC security, and links to a variety of downloadable programs and tests to use for the security-conscious amongst us. Some of the information in both may be duplicated here, but this article brings everything together as a "one-stop shop", and provides a valuable reference point for future use.
There are many problems that we, as internet-intensive users can come across during our daily work. Most of us use ADSL connections, and whilst this type of connection is more often than not essential for our business, it also exposes us to the not-so-friendly side of the internet.
Some of the common problems you will no doubt have...

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I've just speed read this article during a pause in trading and it looks brilliant - thank you very much for all the effort that's gone into this.


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Yes, it's good to see all this in one place.
This should be a must read article for everyone that uses the internet.
If I may add a couple of points: -
1) There are many 'rogue' versions of anti spyware software out there which appear to work but do other sneaky things as well. I use those that Matt has highlighted. There are also others that are bone fide. If you want to try something else I suggest that you go to one of the computer help discussion boards (I tend to use and search for comments on it before making a decision.
2) Make sure that you have the phone numbers of your trading platform handy for when your internet provider has problems. My own line was down for 6 hours today. Could you cope with that?


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Thanks for your comments, everyone.

The Spyware list wasn't intended to be definitive, just to suggest some examples. I think the Techies Corner thread is a more suitable location to have a huge list of programs, and its served its purpose very well for coming up to a year now, although I keep meaning to get round to pruning it one of these days...

M$ antispyware is excellent, but at the moment it is a Beta version and I believe they expire in July of this year. Whether Microsoft will make it pay-for or keep it free is anyone guess, but the previous owner of the company (when it used to be called Giant AntiSpyware) I believe it was around the $50 mark - maybe someone can clarify.


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Trader333 said:
One of the best Spyware programs is the Microsoft's own version which is FOC and can be found at:


The only thing that concerns me with that one Paul, well two things really;
1/ It's a beta version and I'm always a bit wary of betas, as they are often full of bugs and we are the guinea pigs, and MSFT doesn't have a great track record of releasing bug free full versions.
2/ I run it on one of my PC's along side Adaware and Spybot and they always pick up stuff the MSFT program doesn't, but it has never picked up something they didn't


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Its not a true Beta, though. The product was released some time ago and has received excellent reviews in its past life as Giant Antispyware, who were bought by MS some months ago. Hence, most of the groundwork was done by Giant, and everything pretty much remains the same as far as I know - even the logo is the same as it used to be when Giant owned it - MS have basically just tacked their name onto it for the time being. The only thing it doesnt do at present is scan for tracking cookies, which both Spybot and Adaware do.

I have PestPatrol on this machine (excellent, imo), and the MS product on my other laptop and really can't fault either product.


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Right on cue (well, almost) comes a spoof email, splashing its way into my inbox today. Bit of a giveaway this one as I don't bank with Barclays, but it gives you a good idea.

The first image (left) is the spoof website. Mozilla's "spoofstick" in this case clearly identifying the host site as something other than Barclays (along with the http address of course). Second image is the genuine article, as you can see from both Spoofstick and the HTTP header - note the "s" on HTTP.


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Eh, hope I do not sound nosy, but is the person shown in the picture of the author rossored? Nice to be able to put a face to the name. :)


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Thanks. So, curiosity is not such a bad thing after all... :cheesy:


Great article

Thank you for your article, I’ve taken increased steps to safe guard by laptop that I use primarily for trading. I actually encountered a spoof website a few month ago, I know something wasn’t right about the set up so I closed down the webpage and didn’t use it. I will be looking for that encryption on all websites from now on.
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