Passionate Trading


I personally think about trading all the time, i can look at my charts all night long ( although it annoys my girlfriend! ). Trading should not be a means to make a quick buck, although making money is the idea behind the whole thing. Personally i think you either get into trading or you dont. I am a novice and i am still trying to find my feet, but its the best interest ive ever been into. Anythoughts, PeeDee.
Hi Peedee

You have to be careful a passion doesn't turn into an obsession. I for one have been addicted to the markets which is a very dangerous thing and it can quickly take over your life.

They say trading finds your weakness and exploits it - well it got me.

Nothing wrong with being passionate, but everything in proportion.
FTSEBeater, have the markets gone the opposite way to what you believe, if so have you ever reversed your ideas only for the markets to obey your methods. Sound crazy i know, but beginners may try this. PeeDee.( SUICIDE! ).
Hi Peedee

It has done in the past, but now experience has taken over :)

If I'm long and the market then falls below my stop I'm out of the trade. If I then want to go short - the trade MUST!!! stand up for itself and certainly is not a "revenge" style move.

When I say it must stand up for itself I mean that if I was to have seen that chart for the first time would I go short - and the answer would have to be yes.

ah just read your question again. Are you referring to the above or are you talking about a complete method flip when the markets going against you:?:
No, you have answered my question, cheers. It wasnt a question as such i was trying to get to grips with what traders think sometimes. Cheers, PeeDee.