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Good evening, or good morning depending where your from!

My name is Dusty, and I am 27 years old and about to get my feet wet trading! This may sound silly, but i plan on investing just 100$ in a .04 cent marijuana stock. I plan on testing my emotions with this first 100 and see where it takes me.

I have several other stock ideas in mind in the same industry.

I am curious what you guys think i should focus on... ? Should I be trying to make the quick buck Day Trading? Or should I try the long and patient approach?
Also any links to day trading info or any links for beginners such as myself? I scanned the site quickly, but quite frankly its all very overwhelming and I have no idea where to really start digging.

Thanks guys!


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Long term investing will almost always be more profitable than day trading. Look at Warren Buffet. Take those $100, learn some fundamental analysis, invest in a company or industry that you truly believe in, and sit on it for a couple of weeks. Get yourself a broker and learn how to chart.