Paper Trading - Where can I?


I'm VERY new to all this. For some reason I picked up a book last week about trading and have been glued to it. It must be a good book it put me onto this site ;-)

Feels like YES this could be something for me.

My question is, as above, where can I paper trade UK + US stocks?

Which is the "best" (most realistic) place to do it? Is there someplace I can do it in realtime?

Any pointers gratefully received.




For US stocks you could download quotetracker from and then take out a trial subscription with one of the data suppliers listed on the site. That would give you around 7 days of free realtime data where you could practice paper trading. You could then either cancel or continue if you like what you see. One thing to bear in mind and that is if you are new to trading then jumping into papertrading immediately is a bit premature and especially with US stocks. You would need to know which stocks to monitor and then know what your entry and exit criteria would be as well as a host of other issues.



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Most of the spreadbetters, city index, tradindex etc and direct access brokers, inteactive brokers, man direct etc will allow you to setup a paper trading account.
I would also endorse Trader 333's last statement trading individual stocks can be fraught with danger, you will also need a larger pot when you start trading for real.


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I think this is exactly what this site needs - a trading simulator.
It could also double as a weekly etc. competition.
Anyone else think so ?
I wonder if the system promoters would dare enter an open comp. ??
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Are you thinking about day trading or holding overnight positions? If the latter, it's easy, just you pencil and paper and use any of the free charting sites. My favorites are and stockcharts.


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Simulated trading is a total waste of time.
Its only use is for familiarising oneself with trading platforms.
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