Paper trade CFDs demo accounts?


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I'm trying to test a CFD strategy and money management through demo accounts. I tried IG and CMC and learned a lot from the short time I was with them. But both kicked me out and cancelled my demo accounts after a couple of weeks wanting me to sign up for a real account.

Are there any good CFD brokers which let you keep your demo account open for longer periods of time?

My strategy involved swing trading, so I was not able to complete most of my trades... I want to know all the details of costs, holding costs, commissions, slippage, etc before going live...

Seems stupid they would close the demo accounts just when you are getting comfortable. It's like they want you to either bugger off or throw away your cash with stupid newbie trading mistakes...


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Many online retail brokers offer demo account for much longer periods (but 30 days of inactivity results in closing of the demo account). I'm referring to the MT4 here.

Liteforex/FxPro are 2 of the brokers I know offer a good choice of US equities.. FxPro also has futures cfd's if that might be of interest.

Then there's Plus500, but its best used only for placing orders as their charting system is crap.

By the way, you could always make use of a free charting platform if your strategy is platform independent. Ninjatrader is good and offers a wide choice of assets.


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These are some demo accts i've come across (google: spreads OR cfd demo accts).
Im nt sure of the quality of some of them. – may not be rly lifelike eg large SB spreads, but you can hold an acct for ever! I didnt use CFDs so dont know how it holds up.

Barclays (aka city index, finspreads) – you can hold it for a month I think, and i think its possible to open another after the month, or even b4 the month expires

Interactive Investor -
City Index
Capital spreads
Financial spreads
Tradefair plus

Yes, Ive been trading with demo accts for some months, I'm new to the whole thing. Still had (still having... :confused:) a shock when went live tho

Could you update later with which (if any) you liked/found to be best, for future reference pls

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